Crafted Garage is an up and coming directory and information for anyone doing DIY and crafting in their home/garage.

Here you’ll find:

  • 100+ how to guides covering topics such as pressure washers, band saws, table saws and more, making sure you use your tools the right way
  • 100+ guides covering topics such as residential pressure washing equipment, table saws, and band saw, tutorials, guides and recommendations (based on 100s of hours of hands-on experience and testing)

If you’re wondering:

  • What’s the ideal PSI and GPM pressure washer for around my house?
  • What’s a dado stack?
  • Show I get a gas or electric powered pressure washer?
  • Should I get a hybrid of contractor table saw?
  • Which brand is the best for my needs
  • How do I use a pressure washer so I don’t damage the surface or myself?
  • How do I cut accurately with a band saw
  • What else can I with a pressure washer to save time and effort cleaning around the house?

Then you’re in luck we’ve covered these topics and more.

Who started Crafted Garage? Hi! I’m John, Editor and your typical diy’r with years of professional experience.

I started this website as I have over 10 years experience in using pressure washers, table saws, routers and many other power tools. As someone in the trade I’ve spent hours researching and talking to sales people over the years and I having spent so much time using and fixing these tools, I believe I am an expert on the techincal side. I won’t recommend a tool I haven’t used, or maintained, I want you to feel confident in your purchase and how to keep your tool working for years to come.

So how do I get access to these tools? Well I purchase most of them at Amazon.com, The Home Depot and where possible I’ll use online classified ad’s like Craiglist and eBay. Should those avenues fail me I will purchase or rent tools from other big box outlets and if I am lucky I sometimes manage to get tools directly from manufacturers.

How to get in contact

Head over to the contact page, this is the best avenue when it comes to contacting me, I do my best to respond within 72 working hours.

3 ways Crafted Garage Teaches and motivates

  1. How-To Articles. Crafted Garage will show the the correct way to use your tools, such as using a pressure washer the right way to clean surfaces so you don’t damage them. There is a right and wrong way to use tools and for example if you use your pressure washer wrong and you could do damage not just to surfaces but to yourself and the environment. Check out the How-To Library. There’s articles on how to use tools across many tasks and crafts including video..
  2. Answers to common questions. The FAQ section attempts answers your questions. I’ll only address a question if It gets asked more than 3 times. So drop us an question via email..
  3. Best Of’s. The best of’s section will highlight the best tools within a sector, so the best pressure washers, the best table saws etc, this saves you a lot of time and effort, as we’ve done the hardwork for you, making your buying decision easy.