About Crafted Garage

Crafted Garage was created by DIY’rs who were frustrated by the low quality and self service power tool and crafting advice found online.

Welcome! My name’s Adam White and I’m one of those people who like to get stuck in. I love to save money where I can without risking quality, and I hate wasting money.

When I bought my first house, it needed a lot of work, I hired “professionals” but the end result of their work was never good enough and I always paid too much. My first house was built in the 1870’s, It needed love and these “professionals” never really gave it the love it deserved.

Tired of getting ripped off, tired of getting in a panic when someone went wrong, hunting eagerly for a 24 hour plumber, roofer, etc, paying over the odds.

I ended up I reaching out to friends and family in the trades and I learnt to do it all myself. So when a wall in my house needed to be replastered, or when I needed to run network cables throughout the house through solid stone walls, I wasn’t afraid and the cost of doing so was minimal.

Crafted Garage Founder
Adam – Hot and bothered after hours of repointing lime mortar.

Each time I had to do something new, I’d look it up online, that’s when I realised that the quality of the content varied A LOT, and a lot that information out there was rubbish. Tools that weren’t fit for purpose being recommended, approaches that when tried, well they just didn’t work.

So, I’ve tested tool after tool, while renovating my house, or working on friends houses, I know the good, the bad and the ugly.

Now, I’m not a professional, I care about results so I keep trying until it’s done right. I’m also a seasoned publisher that is experienced in building editorial teams, teams that have real experience, that do the trade day to day and that’s what I’ve done with Crafted Garage.

All the content we will publish on this site have been written or overseen by qualified professionals.

For this site, I wanted to try and put together content with unique angles, and higher quality than anything I could find online and where possible fill the voids where information just doesn’t exist.

I hope the succeed in this mission, either way you’ll get to find out about the tools and techniques I use to clean my card, landscape my garden and renovate a house I love, as well as tips and advice for those in the trades who build houses, landscape and much more.

Adam White
Founder of Crafted Garage