AR Blue Clean AR390SS Review

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The  Annovi Reverberi (AR) Company is well known in the pressure washer industry. This is a company that’s a world-famous Italian brand.

AR have been manufacturing pressure washer pumps and pressure washers for the past 60 years.

If they didn’t know what they were doing, they wouldn’t have been in this market for as long as they have, and they do know what they are doing, so much so that their reputation precedes them.

One of their best selling units is the AR390SS model, and rightfully so. I’ve put together a thorough set of tests for my Blue Clean AR390SS review.

I’ll cover all the important information that you need to know, along with model specifications, included accessories, cleaning capabilities, and general warranty policies. In my in-depth review, you will easily see that this is the right choice for most peoples cleaning needs.

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Blue Clean AR390SS In The Field

The AR390SS Blue Clean pressure washer is advertised as a unit that will easily tackle those medium to heavy-duty cleaning tasks and when I tested it, well I found it be a rather powerful machine. It sits firmly in the medium-duty cleaning range, but it was able to tackle those tougher stains, but not with ease.

This pressure unit is powered by a universal 120V 60Hz Motor which is able to produce a maximum force of 2000 PSI at 1.4 GPM. This ar blue clean 2000 pressure washer, produces a cleaning power of 2800. It’s not a surprise that this is a famous electric power washer.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM, Classic Design, Black and White

This machine is beautifully packaged into a compact yet powerful unit, which isn’t a surprise as Annovi Reverberi is an Italian company and Italians are known for their design.

If you’ve never used a pressure washer before, then you’ll be amazed with this unit, it’s ease of use is phenomenal, within 3 minutes you’ll have this pressure washer up and running.

It’s simple, just plug in the water inlet, insert the high-pressure hose into the unit and connect the trigger gun and you are ready to go! (don’t forget to plug it in!)

It’s important to note that this is an environmentally friendly pressure washer, with AR Blue Clean claiming that this model consumes 80% less water than a garden hose, while also being 45% more powerful.

AR Blue Clean pressure washer accessories

When you purchase the AR390SS pressure washer, you get everything you need included for a successful clean. Straight away you get a 30-foot high-pressure hose, an integrated 48oz detergent tank and a quick connect garden hose adaptor.

You also get 4 different nozzle tips, which cover the majority of cleaning tasks. Though make sure to Read the manual to make sure that you use the correct nozzle for the job and surface, this will ensure the best cleaning requests.

The 4 pressure washer nozzles you get with the AR390SS are the 25-degree nozzle tip, 0 degrees, rotary/Turbo nozzle, and low-pressure soap dispenser nozzle.

The Turbo Nozzle which increases the water pressure by 50 percent, making dealing with those difficult stains a breeze.

That said there is some additional equipment that can make your life easy.

PWSPRAYGLIDE – this accessory prevents you for getting too close to the surface, it’s height-adjustable so you can adjust the distance that you wish not to pass, this is perfect for when you are spraying down your car as you can prevent yourself from getting too close and potentially damaging the paint.

AR Blue Clean surface cleaner – If you are looking to clean your yard then a surface cleaner is a must-have. I’ve put together a guide on surface cleaners

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM, Classic Design, Black and White

Some nifty features like on-board storage for the prevention of misplacement of components, gun holster, on-board detergent tank, and a hose adaptor are also present.

This versatile pressure machine is also equipped with a reel to help get to hard-to-reach areas, and while performing, the machine is surprisingly very quiet compared to other models of different brands.

The weight of the entire system is only 33.56 pounds, making transportation almost effortless. Finally, another important highlight of the AR390SS is that it is PWMA (Pressure Washer Manufacturer’s Association) compliant and certified by the Child Support Agency for Safety.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM, Classic Design, Black and White AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM, Classic Design, Black and White
  • HIGH PRESSURE PERFORMANCE: This compact pressure washer is equipped with a powerful universal motor and a tri axial pump that produces up to 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM, and 14 amp the perfect outdoor cleaner
  • INTEGRATED FEATURES: The AR390SS is built with an integrated pressure washer hose reel and detergent tank, this is a compact pressure washer making storage seamless while delivering on high pressure
  • TWO WHEEL TROLLEY DESIGN: This portable pressure washer is built on a two wheel trolley making it easy to maneuver, this trolley also offers convenient storage for your pressure washer accessories
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  • Removable detergent tanks are easily cleaned after the task is completed
  • Storage compartment for accessories
  • Easy to assemble
  • Clear Instructions
  • Easy to move around
  • Stainless steel lance and professional gun
  • 4 pressure nozzles; 0 degree, 25 degrees, rotary and soap
  • 30-foot hose with Functioning Hose Storage Reel
  • 35-foot electric cord with quick release and GFCI
  • Built-in detergent tank ideal for storing soap and other liquids.
  • 80% reduced water consumption over a standard garden hose


  • Expensive
  • Regular Rubber Hose
  • Stiff Hose; difficult to reel in and out

Customer Support And Warranty Policy

As a company, AR Blue Cleaner has one of the best customer support policies on the market. They even won an award for the Best in Class customer service, which doesn’t come as a surprise to me.

Firstly, they maintain excellent response rates and they value their customers. If you have a problem, you can get in contact no matter the time o day, they are available 24/7.

And warranty policies? AR provides a 1-year ‘bumper to bumper’ guarantee. Once you’ve completed your purchase, make sure to register your AR390SS on the website, this will ensure you get the best support. US-based customer support is handled through phone or email.

What can you clean with the AR Blue Clean AR390SS?

This is a pressure washer that sits firmly in the medium-duty group of pressure washers. This means that it’s great for the vast majority of cleaning tasks, it can tackle a wide variety of surfaces.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM, Classic Design, Black and White

This is the perfect group for homeowners.

You’ll easily get rid of seasonable build up like pine cones, needles and all the other seasonal muck that appears.

You will easily remove dust, dirt, mud, grime and even moss. This is a pressure washer that will easily clean your patio furniture, your outdoor equipment such as your BBQ or lawnmower.

It’ll even handle heavy machinery, cars, bicycles, stairs, windows, decks, and even sidings. This very well known electric pressure washer unit isn’t a light-weight like other electric power washers on the market, but with its durable wheels, you won’t have any problems moving it around.

I was even able to pair this up with a pressure washer sand blast kit and remove paint and rust from some garden tools, to get them ready for new paint.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM, Classic Design, Black and White


Above I covered a list of pros and cons, but I wanted to swing back around and focus on some things I really like.

The Total Stop System (TSS) is really useful. It saves money and prolongs the life of your pressure washer pump. The warranty that you get with this unit and the customer service is just excellent, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better.

While this isn’t the smallest unit, it is tightly packed for convenience, with its built-in hose reel, the holster for your professional lance, and the onboard detergent tanks, everything has it’s place so it takes up as little space as possible.


There are a lot of plastic parts, which could have been better manufactured or at least made with more durable materials. The lance is made from zinc steel, which would be better if it was brass.

Wrap up

If you are after something that is more of a commercial, industrial grade cleaner, then this isn’t the unit for you. Though this does cost a lot less than an industrial-grade cleaner. However, if you are after a compact pressure washer that has everything your need for medium-duty jobs, then the Blue clean AR390SS is for you.

This is a pressure washer that will tackle those tougher stains, but they will require more effort from your and the power washer. The ratio between power and price is perfect with this unit.

If you are after a residential cleaner then this is a versatile pressure washer which will fill your needs, given its excellent warranty coverage and its pressure output, other units on the market with similar possibilities, well they cost almost double. The value for money from this pressure washer is insane.

I tested this unit thoroughly which is what led to the conclusions I’ve made in this Blue Clean AR390ss review, hopefully, you’ll be able to make an informed decision, knowing the good and bad of this pressure washer.

There are more powerful unit outs there, but this is still an excellent purchase. This is a pressure washer which is highly rated, it was included in the Top-rated Consumer Report in 2016 for electric pressure washer tests

This model is unique, unlike others in the brand line-up. The new and improved aluminum garden hose adapter, larger cord storage and gun holster set this product apart from the original washers from AR Blue Clean. It has a well-designed body that is extremely durable and can stand hefty tasks.

All in all, ARs new electric pressure washer is an exceptional product that combines functionality and durability.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Review