The best 2700 PSI pressure washers – our top 8 picks and our buying guide

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Are you having trouble cleaning your car, stone walkway, patio, or the exterior of your home? Well, a good 2700 PSI pressure washer is exactly what you need to make life a whole lot easier, 2700 PSI sits firmly in the list of the most powerful electric pressure washers and a powerful pressure washer is what you need to achieve all cleaning tasks.

A pressure washer can turn the dirtiest of surfaces into something that looks brand new. Of course, there are hundreds, if not thousands of pressure washers out there.

This can make finding the right one for you somewhat difficult. This is why we are here today, to help you find the best 2700 PSI pressure washer for you.

Let’s talk about what you need to consider before buying one, then let’s jump right into the reviews.

Some Great 2700 PSI Pressure Washer Brand Names

Something that you do always want to keep in mind before you buy any pressure washer is the brand name.

Sometimes brand named things are not much different than no name products, or even less well-known brands.

However, when it comes to pressure washers, a good brand name can make quite the difference between a great machine and a total bust. Some of the best pressure washer brand names to look out for include:

  • Powerstroke
  • Duromax
  • Ford
  • Pulsar Ryobi
  • Pressure Pro
  • NorthStar

What Can I Use My Pressure Washer For?

Pressure washers are indeed very versatile tools that you can use for many applications around the home.

However, keep in mind that they are not for indoor use, as you will end up destroying your home rather than cleaning it.

These big and bad pressure washers spit out a whole lot of water under very high amounts of pressure, making them strictly for outdoor use only.

That being said, a good 2700 PSI pressure washer is ideal for washing cars and boat, bikes, for cleaning driveways, for washing the exterior of your home, cleaning weeds from stone walkways, cleaning decks, and patios, and much more.

If you are having trouble getting any of those things clean, a good 2700 PSI pressure washer might just be the answer you are looking for.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Pressure Washer

Before you go out and spend a few hundred or even a couple thousand bucks on a big time pressure washer, you should keep a few different considerations in mind.

The Motor

One of the most important aspects of any pressure washer is the motor.

Now, the size and strength of the motor does have an influence on the amount of PSI the washer has, but it does not dictate it. As you will see from our reviews, you can have a 4 horsepower 170 cc motor and a 6.5 horsepower 205 cc motor, both which will create 2700 PSI of pressure.

The real difference in the size and power of the motors has to do with how much water they can pump out.

A more powerful motor will be able to put out more gallons of water per minute. Therefore, if you need a big time pressure washer that can pump out lots of water for those big jobs, a bigger motor is ideal.

If you have a few extra bucks to spend, it does not hurt to get a motor with some kind of overheat protection, as these machines can get really got and get damaged with prolonged use.

The Nozzles & Hose

Another thing to keep an eye out for is what kind of nozzles the pressure washer in question comes with.

Some less expensive ones only come with a standard wand, trigger gun, and one nozzle. However, if you plan on using your pressure washer for various jobs, you are going to need different nozzles.

You should look for a kit that comes with at least 3 or 4 nozzles. A 0 degree, 25 degree, 40 degree, and other such nozzles are ideal. Sometimes you need a cone of water for washing and sometimes you need a jet of water for blasting away dirt in little cracks.

You will also want to look out for the hose, or in other words, a hose that is at least 20 feet long. Having a short hose is never good no matter what the situation is.

Power Source

Another important thing to keep in mind is whether you want a gas powered or electric pressure washer.

Simply put, we prefer gas models for the most part as they tend to be more powerful and reliable.

They might be loud and a little smelly, but they usually pack the punch you need to get the job done, no matter what it is. Yes, it means needing a constant supply of gasoline, but at least you are not hindered by power cords, extension cords, and electrical outlets.

However, if you want to be more eco-friendly, have a quieter machine, and don’t want to have to deal with refilling gas tanks, you can always go with an electric model.

Hot Water?

Having hot water in your arsenal is another thing that you may want to look out for.

Now, a hot water pressure washer requires a burner to heat the water, usually a secondary fuel source, and a lot more mechanical equipment.

This does result in a greatly increased cost, but hot water and hot steam are much better for most cleaning jobs. Cold water does just fine in many circumstances, but it does not do too well with grease.

Durability (The Frame) & Transportation

The final thing to look out for is how durable the frame is. Ideally, you should get a pressure washer with a good welded steel frame for durability.

Something like aircraft grade aluminum will do fine too. Keep in mind that these are heavy pieces of equipment, so a good frame is a must have.

Moreover, a good set of wheels is a must have as well. If it is a smaller washer, never go flat tires work well, but for a bigger model you should look out for pneumatic tires.

They need to be able to traverse rough terrains, but should also be able to absorb some shock and impact.

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  • 2700 psi pressure washer with 2.3 gpm force and a reliable, commercial-grade 175cc OHC chain drive Subaru EA 175 engine
  • Includes 4, pro-style spray nozzles for job versatility
  • Features a 1 gallon on-board detergent tank

The Powerstroke PS80950 Pressure Washer is definitely an ideal choice to go with

One of the things that make the Powerstroke PS80950 a great choice is that it has a Subaru EA 175 chain drive engine which is extremely powerful and reliable.

The engine is gas powered, which means that as long as you have gas to fill it up with, it will never run out of juice.

The gas engine can spit out water at 2700 PSI, plus it can let out over 2.3 gallons of water per minute.

That should be more than enough power to clean virtually anything with ease. Washing face boards, cars, and driveways are made easy thanks to the big power of the PS80950.

The Powerstroke Pressure Washer comes with various nozzles to suit the specific job at hand.

It features an easy to use quick change 5 in 1 nozzle that has multiple settings. This includes a 15-degree nozzle, a turbo nozzle, and a low-pressure soap nozzle, plus even more too.

The point is that you get various nozzles that are perfect for a wide array of applications. Speaking of soap, the Powerstroke PS80950 features a 1-gallon detergent container which is built into the machine.

The Powerstroke PS80950 has plenty of onboard storage.

It can easily store the included hose, trigger gun, and wand and space for all the accessories that come with this model. The hose is a 25 feet long, meaning you can easily get to those hard to reach areas, without moving the pressure washer around very much while using it.

However, if you do have to move it around, it comes with fantastic large 12-inch tread cap wheels which are perfect for rough terrain. The wheels do not require any inflating, which means they never get flat either.


  • 2700 PSI – 2.3 Gallons Per Minute
  • Reliable gas powered Subaru engine
  • Lots of onboard storage
  • 5 in 1 quick change nozzles
  • 25-foot long hose
  • 1-gallon detergent tank
  • Rugged wheels
  • Convenient trigger gun
  • Does not require any electrical outlets
  • Ideal for a large variety of outdoor jobs


  • Requires you to have gas on hand
  • Pull-cord to turn it on can be difficult to use
  • 2700 psi pressure washer with 2.3 gym force and a reliable Powerstroke 179cc OHV engine
  • Includes 4, pro-style spray nozzles for job versatility
  • Features a 1 gallon on-board detergent tank

This model is actually quite similar to the Powerstroke PS80950 Pressure Washer, which holds true for most all of its features. Powerstroke PS80533 Pressure Washer has a slightly different engine than the previously mentioned model.

It has a really reliable Powerstroke 179cc OHV engine that has more than enough power to take care of most cleaning jobs. The engine is gas powered.

The engine can put out around 2.3 gallons of water per minute at a pressure rating of 2700 pounds per square inch.

The Powerstroke PS80533 features 12-inch flat free tread cap wheels. This means that the wheels do not need to be inflated, plus their design makes them ideal for rugged and rough terrains.

It also has a convenient pulling handle so you can move it around with ease whenever you need to.

Another thing that is convenient about this Pressure Washer is the hose, trigger gun, and the wand. All of these components are high quality, they work well, and the hose is a full 25 feet long for your convenience.

Another big convenience is that the Powerstroke PS80533 Pressure Washer features a 1 gallon on board detergent tank.

This model also comes with an easy to use 4 in 1 quick change nozzle. You get a 0 degree, 25 degree, and 40-degree nozzle, plus one that is ideal for use with the detergent.

The soap mixes in right through the unit, which is definitely a big bonus. You also get lots of onboard storage room for the hose, nozzles, and wand. This model is PWMA certified, which means that you know exactly what you are getting when you buy it.


  • 1 gallon on board detergent tank
  • 4 in 1 quick change nozzles
  • Easy to use wand and trigger gun
  • Lots of onboard storage.
  • 2.3 gallons per minute at 2700 PSI
  • Powerful Powerstroke motor
  • 13 inch flat free wheels
  • 25-foot long hose


  • Need to always have fuel on hand
  • Crank system can be difficult to use – starting issues.
  • Powerful DuroMax 5 HP Engine with Low Oil Shutdown
  • Quick change connectors make installing the hose a snap; 5 quick connect nozzles includes: 0 Degree, 25 Degree, 40 Degree and soap applicator
  • Convenient on-board storage for spray gun, high pressure hose and nozzles; rear hose connection for easy connections and maximum convenience

Yet another great 2700 PSI pressure washer option to go with, the Duromax XP2700PWS Pressure Washer is reliable, durable, and convenient too.

To start off, this model features a powerful 5 horsepower gas engine that puts out a whole lot of power. It can spit out up to 2.3 gallons of water per minute at 2700 pounds per square inch.

The hose is over 20 feet long, making it ideal for hard to reach areas and so that you don’t have to move the Duromax XP2700PWS around too much while in use.

The rear hose connection location is quite convenient.

Moreover, the 5 in 1 quick change nozzle set up helps to make this model ideal for a large variety of jobs. It comes with a 0 degree, 25 degree, and a 40-degree nozzle, plus it has a special nozzle for use with soap too.

The trigger gun has a cushioned trigger, making it easy and comfortable to use for prolonged periods of time.

The Duromax Pressure Washer also comes with a special detergent canister for on board soap usage, which means no more carrying around additional soap for those really tough jobs.

The XP2700PWS comes with a low oil shut off feature, which means that it will automatically shut off when the oil level is low in order to prevent engine damage.

Speaking of durability, the steel welded frame does a great job at encasing and protecting the engine from damage and falls.

The frame also includes a whole lot of onboard storage so you can easily store the nozzles, the wand, and the trigger gun right on it.

Finally, the wheels included with this model don’t need inflation, which means they never go flat, plus it has a convenient pulling handle too, making transportation a breeze.


  • Lots of onboard storage
  • 5 in 1 quick change nozzles
  • Comfortably cushioned trigger
  • Pulling handle and rugged wheels
  • Steel welded frame for protection
  • Low oil shut off feature
  • 2700 PSI with 2.3 gallons of water per minute
  • Hose is 20+ feet long
  • Included detergent canister


  • Air filter housing could use some improvement
  • Some models may experience trouble with pumping liquid soap from the detergent canister
  • 2,700 max. PSI with 2.3 GPM Flow Rate
  • 180cc OHV Engine & 3 Piston Axial Cam Pump with Heavy Duty Powder Coated Frame
  • Featuring a convenient On-Board Soap Tank so you can use your favorite cleaning agent to tackle tough dirt and debris

The Ford FPWG2700H-J Gas Powered Pressure Washer comes with 3 quick connect spray nozzles of varying degrees.

Whatever your needs are, there is a nozzle to suit those needs.

There is actually another spray nozzle included, which is a special soap nozzle for those hard and grimy jobs where water just is not enough.

On that same note, the Ford FPWG2700H-J also features a special soap and detergent container right on the frame.

The hose itself is 25 feet long to reach those hard to get to areas, plus it is braided for durability. It has plenty of onboard storage space for all of the accessories.

This Pressure Washer is that it features a high powered 180 cc 5 horsepower gas powered OHV engine.

This sounds all technical and fancy, but rest assured, all you need to know is that it is a very reliable and powerful engine.

This is combined with the Axial Cam High-Pressure Pump for some immense cleaning power.

The pump and engine combo can put out over 2.3 gallons of water per minute with a pressure rating of 2700 pounds per square inch.

Something else you might like about the FPWG2700H-J Gas Powered Pressure Washer is that it features a very durable steel welded frame.

This helps to protect the motor, pumps, and other vital components from damage in the event of a tip or fall. Moreover, the 10 inch never flat tires are really convenient because they don’t need inflation, plus they are specially designed for use on some really rough terrain.

This model also comes with a convenient pulling handle for easy transportation. The handle actually folds down to keep it out of the way while you are using the Ford FPWG2700H-J Gas Powered Pressure Washer.


  • Powerful 1800 cc 5 HP engine
  • 2.3 gallons of water per minute @ 2700 PSI
  • Fold down pulling handle
  • 10 inch never flat wheels
  • 4 different spray nozzles – 1 for soap
  • Detergent container onboard
  • Lots of onboard storage
  • 25-foot braided hose for convenience and durability
  • Steel welded frame for component protection


  • Rip cord can make turning it on somewhat difficult
  • Gas tank cap tends to strip with use
Our Top Pick Pulsar PGPW2700H-A Gasoline Pressure Washer, 2700 PSI
  • 180 cc OHV engine with a three piston axial cam pump
  • Max pressure 2700 Psi at 2.3 GPM
  • Quick release handle with ergonomic spray gun

Yet another fantastic option to consider, the Pulsar PGPW2700H-A Gasoline Pressure Washer comes with everything you need for both small and big pressure washing jobs.

To begin, this model comes with a steel welded frame that is also powder coated which does a great job at protecting the main components, and it is scratch and rust resistant too.

The Pulsar PGPW2700H-A features 12 inch never flat tires. These tires are built to be very durable, designed to navigate tough terrain, and they never require any inflation either.

This makes transportation very easy and straightforward, especially when combined with the convenient pulling handle.

The PGPW2700H-A Gasoline Pressure Washer is that it features a 180 cc OHV engine.

This engine is gas powered, it is strong and powerful, and it will provide you with constant power too. This is combined with a three piston axial camp pump for lots of pressure washing power.

The Pulsar PGPW2700H-A Gasoline Pressure Washer, 2700 PSI can pump out over 2.3 gallons of water per minute with a pressure rating of 2700 pounds per square inch.

The PGPW2700H-A Pressure Washer is that it comes with a great spray gun.

The spray gun, especially the trigger, is of the EZ Grip variety, which makes it comfortable to hold and will not cause much strain or pain on your hands and fingers when you use it for a prolonged period of time.

You also get 4 different quick connect nozzle tips to take care of various jobs. The nozzles are color coded for quick identification and include a jet stream, a 25-degree cone spray, a 40-degree cone spray, and a special nozzle to be used with soap.

Also, the hose is braided and 25 feet long for lots of versatility and durability.

On that same note, the Pulsar PGPW2700H-A also comes with an oversized detergent canister for easy soap mixing.

It’s convenient because for big jobs that require soap. There is also the fact that the Pulsar PGPW2700H-A Gasoline Pressure Washer comes with lots of onboard storage for all of the accessories.


  • Powerful 180 cc engine
  • Great axial cam pump
  • 2.3 gallons of water per minute @ 2700 PSI
  • Convenient never flat tires
  • Pulling handle for transportation
  • 4 different nozzles
  • Integrated detergent canister
  • EZ grip trigger gun
  • Steel powder coated frame
  • 25-foot braided hose


  • Difficult to start – rip cord is tough to use
  • Engine may rust if not stored properly

The Ryobi 2700-PSI 2.3-GPM Gas Pressure Washer is also another good option to consider.

It is quite similar to many of the other models we have discussed, which is exactly what makes it a good choice. First off, the Ryobi 2700-PSI has a convenient gas powered engine.

We like gas because it provides you with lots of constant power. The engine is a 173 cc OHV model, which is more than powerful and reliable enough for most jobs at hand.

This model also features a very durable pump with constant water output. The Ryobi 2700-PSI 2.3-GPM can put out over 2.3 gallons of water per minute with a pressure rating of 2700 PSI.

The steel welded frame is extremely rugged and built to withstand lots of wear and tear.

On that same note, the Ryobi Gas Pressure Washer also has 12 inch flat free tires that don’t need inflation and will be able to traverse rough terrain with ease.

The durable hand-truck design with an ergonomically friendly pulling handle makes transporting the Ryobi Pressure Washer quick and easy.

You might also like how the Ryobi Pressure Washer comes with various quick connect nozzles to suit various jobs that you may throw at it.

It comes with a 0-degree nozzle, a 25-degree nozzle, a 40-degree nozzle, and an extra one for soap too.

Of course, since this model comes with a nozzle for soap, it also features an onboard soap and detergent canister for those jobs that require a little more than plain water to complete.

Speaking of the hose and nozzles, the hose itself is roughly 25 feet long, making it ideal for hard to reach areas, plus it means not having to move the Ryobi 2700-PSI 2.3-GPM Gas Pressure Washer around too much while in use.


  • Powerful 173 cc engine
  • High-quality pump
  • 2.3 gallons of water per minute @ 2700 PSI
  • 25-foot long hose – quite durable
  • 4 quick connect nozzles
  • Onboard detergent container
  • Ergonomically friendly pulling handle
  • Steel frame
  • Convenient gas model


  • Trigger is tiring to hold for prolonged periods of time
  • Rip cord makes starting this model somewhat tiresome

If you are on the market for a really big, powerful, and highly reliable pressure washer, the NorthStar Hot Water Pressure Washer is definitely a prime choice for you to consider.

Without a doubt, the best feature of this particular model is that it allows you to use hot water. Sure, cold water can work just fine in some circumstances, but for those really heavy duty jobs, hot water is undoubtedly better.

The water can be heated up to a full 250 degrees Fahrenheit, which is close to boiling temperature.

The NorthStar Pressure Washer also allows you to use wet steam, just like a steam cleaner, which is great for removing grease stains and other really stuck on dirt and grime.

This model does require a little more gas on a steady basis to heat the water, which it does with a gas heater, but there is just no arguing with the fact that hot water is awesome for cleaning.

Something to note, the motor itself does require a different fuel type than the hot water burner.

The motor takes good old gasoline, whereas the burner uses kerosene. You will also need motor oil.

What is quite impressive about the motor is that it is big and powerful, being able to pump out over 2.5 gallons of water per minute with a pressure level of 2700 pounds per square inch.

It is a Briggs & Stratton 205 cc 6.5 horsepower Vanguard engine, which is quite a bit more powerful that various other 2700 PSI pressure washers out there.

While it does not have a higher pressure rating than other washers on this list, it does have the ability to pump out a lot more water.

What is also quite impressive about the Water Pressure Washer is the high-quality build of it.

The NorthStar Pressure Washer is that the engine is specially engineered for longevity, plus it has an awesome direct drive triplex pump with brass manifolds.

The coil assembly for the heater is fully encased and protected against heat and electrical shocks.

Also, the Parker Hannifin Raycor fuel filter makes sure that there are no problems with igniting the burner for the water heater.

The hose itself and everything else is also quite convenient. It features a rear-hose entry spray gun with a split lance.

This is ideal because it keeps the hose out of the way while you are using the NorthStar Hot Water Pressure Washer.

The lance is 3 feet long and the hose is over 20 feet long for even more convenience. It also features several quick connect nozzles for various jobs. It comes with 0 degree, 15 degree, 25 degree, and 40-degree nozzles, plus one for soap and another nozzle for steam.

The trigger gun is also specially made with ergonomics in mind, making it quite comfortable to use for prolonged periods of time.

The whole thing, while being quite heavy, does come on a heavy duty cart with heavy duty wheels and tires for great mobility.


  • More powerful than most alternatives
  • 205 cc 6.5 HP engine
  • Direct drive triplex pump
  • Hot water & Wet steam
  • Various nozzle attachments
  • Comfortable trigger gun
  • Heavy duty cart and wheels
  • Long hose – rear entry
  • Extremely durable and well-protected against shock and damage
  • Pretty good fuel efficiency


  • Requires 2 different types of fuel as well as motor oil
  • Very heavy and bulky
  • Powerful 6.5 Horsepower Honda Engine
  • General Brand Triplex Plunger Pump
  • 50 foot 4000 pounds per square inch hose

This may be the last option on our list, but it surely is not the least valuable or effective. While the Pressure Pro Heavy Duty Pressure Washer is quite pricey, it is also one of the most powerful options out there at this time.

Yes, it does not spit out water at more than 2700 PSI, but it does have a really powerful motor. This model comes with an extremely powerful 6.5 horsepower HondaGX200 Engine that can pump out a full 3 gallons per minute.

That is more power and water than most other 2700 PSI pressure washers can muster.

The Pressure Pro Pressure Washer is actually pretty easy to start, it’s reliable and is fairly quiet too.

Even better is that the CAT triplex plunger pump is very reliable, plus it runs cooler and uses less fuel than most other options out there.

All in all, you really could not ask for more water output, pressure, or a more reliable pump and motor set up for a 2700 PSI pressure washer.

This bad boy is built for power, reliability, and those heavy jobs that other pressure washers just can’t handle.

Also, the motor has a heat overload shut off feature, so if it does ever get too hot, it won’t start smoking or catch on fire.

Another great thing about the Pressure Pro Heavy Duty Pressure Washer is that it comes with a 50-foot long steel reinforced hose.

The hose is not going to rip or tear, and it is never going to be too short to be versatile or to get to those hard to reach areas. Also, the Pressure Pro Pressure Washer comes with 5 separate quick connect nozzles.

This means that you get a good nozzle for virtually every job out there.

This model comes with a really nice cart that features and easy to pull handle, 2 of them in fact, and the frame is made out of aircraft grade aluminum.

It comes with pneumatic tires that are built specially to absorb shock and impact to minimize the wear and tear on the Pressure Pro Heavy Duty Pressure Washer.

The Pressure Pro Heavy Duty is built for heavy duty jobs, and it can clean virtually anything in a matter of minutes.


  • Extremely powerful motor
  • Overheat protection
  • Great triplex pump
  • Aircraft grade aluminum frame
  • Shock absorbing wheels
  • 3 gallons per minute
  • 5 different nozzles
  • 50 foot long steel reinforced hose
  • CARB compliant


  • No soap or detergent canister
  • Can be difficult to start.


At the end of the day, as long as you keep the main considerations in mind regarding features, and weigh those features against your own needs, you will be just fine.

Finding the best 2700 PSI pressure washer is not difficult if you simply look at what you need it for and then buy the specific model accordingly.

Pressure washers really are lifesavers, and they can save you so much time, money, and effort in the long run.

The best 2700 PSI pressure washers โ€“ our top 8 picks and our buying guide

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