Best 3000 PSI pressure washer review and buying guide

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Being a home owner I want my house to look it’s best at all times, I want that “curb appeal” especially when I’m having the house valued, I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a lot of free time, as such I look for and use tools that can do the job in record time.

One such tool in our arsenal is pressure washers (also called power washers).

Renovating a house often means stripping down its elements to the core. Power washers are very resourceful because the force of the water is powerful enough to remove even the most built up grime.

How Do Power Washers Work?

Without getting into the complicated nuances of its parts, power washers direct water with a controlled level of momentum.

It is a general rule that the volume of the water matters less than the pressure it emits.

There is a wide range of power ratings that these machines operate at, but we find that 3,000 PSI is the optimal region of pressure, which only the most powerful electric pressure washers will produce, but you’ll find this more commonly with gas pressure washers.

Some pressure washers can also heat the water, but most work with a direct feed or hot or cold.

What Are Power Washers Used For?

If you have any experience at all in home development/remodeling, you will be familiar with the fact that every job is much bigger than you initially anticipate.

Power washers have a myriad of uses, but the most prominent include: cleaning and curing fencing, washing siding or brick, clearing patios and decks, rinsing cars, trucks, boats and more.

With that in mind here are some specific tasks a high powered pressure washer can tackle.

Aesthetics: 3000 PSI of water force can rid deep grout and wear to make exteriors look much better.

I once flipped a house that had suffered hurricane damage, after a session with my trusty power washer, the house looked almost brand new.

As you can imagine, this is highly coveted in real estate, as it can increase the house value typically by thousands of dollars.

Longevity: The use of these devices can rinse so accurately that things like wood and stone can have their life extended.

This can put some money back into a homeowner’s wallet. It is one of the few pieces of equipment that can improve a property in one usage.

Safety: When using pressure washers most people do not think of safety, but I frequently use them for the removal of mold and potentially harmful toxins that build up on properties due to age and climate.

Painting: The truth of the matter is doing a big job like staining a deck can make the surface absorb the paint better.

How Is Power Washing Different Than Traditional Cleaning?

The short version of this explanation is that power washing can finish bigger issues easily within a fraction of the time.

While anyone can take a broom and sweep a brick surface, a power washer will penetrate each crack and crevice and return the material to its original state.

If a sponge is a gun for cleanup, a power washer is a bazooka. That said, it is a common misconception that because these washers are so effective that they are ‘too much’ for a smaller situation.

Unless the exterior of what is being hit by the stream is brittle, power washers work well on metal and siding, something most people come in contact with daily.

What Are Prerequisites For Using Power Washers?

While you do not have to be an expert, like most items of power there is a learning curve.

The more skilled you are at handling the flow the more professional the results will appear.

The water pressure that comes out of the gun can easily tear the skin or worse if one is not careful.

It’s worth mentioning that the fun of using a power washer comes from using it systematically. This means starting from the top and working your way down the surface you are cleaning.

Windows should never be in the path of a high powered pressure washer, for the water can crack them in an instant.

Sometimes detergents are used along with the unit itself. Common sense goes a long way, but it is better to err on the side of caution and move slowly the first time out of the gate.

Having gotten my hands dirty (or clean depending on how you look at it) with pressure washers for years, I can move at a fast pace, but I never forget about safety.

The more you respect the nozzle itself, the more it will respect you back.

There are hundreds of these units available on the market, but only about a dozen or so that are really the cream of the crop.

From there, a select number are recommended for heavy duty jobs with little wiggle room for error.

A few of my favorites include:

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The SGP-353037 is not only a mouthful to say, but an impressive piece of machinery all the same.

Of the ones I have used over the course of my career, it is one of the larger designs, but impressive all the same.


The coil wrap is stainless steel while utilizing a direct drive pump that is on a cart with sturdy, pneumatic tires for smooth portability.

This commercial series apparatus

is diesel heated, and of course gas powered for effortless stream flow.

The direct drive makes use of the hot water to ensure flawless removal of dirt, rust and other foreign elements you need out of the way.

The Schedule 80 heating coil will not leak, and the steel chassis can withstand harmful conditions with ease.


The Shark SGP-353037 is nifty and reliable, but a drawback is that the mechanical spray is not as controlled as some other units available.

Even though the stream intensity can be altered, after awhile it is unwise to keep adjusting if you want to maintain a consistent measure of pressure.

What Is The Best Use For This Power Washer?

The Shark Gas Powered Pressure Washer is capable of many assignments, but where its bread and butter lies, for the most part, is through washing vehicles.

This model would be a good choice for those that often wash their car, or dealerships that have a lot of inventory and need their vehicles looking in pristine shape at all times.

However, in my opinion the SGP-353037 is best used to refinish or restore a deck.

Mi-T-M CW-3004-4MGH CW Gasoline Series Cold Water Belt Drive, 389cc Honda OHV Gasoline Engine, 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Review
  • 389cc Honda OHV Engine
  • Quick connect nozzles (0 Degree, 15 Degree, 25 Degree and 40 Degree)
  • 50-foot x 3/8-inch non-marking hose with quick connects, swivel and bend restrictors

The Mi-T-M 3000 PSI Pressure Washer has a body built for longevity and differs from direct drive by using a belt system instead.


The brass unloader is stainless steel and the thermal relief valve works to make sure the pump does not falter.

The clear sleeve for the water filter allows for screen inspection, and the external bypass system is used to ensure water gets inside.

This is ideal because it limits heat build-up, which can be dangerous to a power washer’s life cycle.

Low oil protection and the Honda GX390 OHV engine makes sure that this pressure washer lasts a long time.

This model

is driven by a cogged belt drive system as opposed to direct drive. Moreover, the belt drive reduces vibration through the handle, which helps your aim when cleaning.


With two wheels as opposed to four on its portable cart, the Mi-T-M CW-3004-4MGH can be cumbersome to move around.

This model needs a stable underbelly to keep it secure during pressure washing, and can tilt if not placed on somewhat even ground.

What Is The Best Use For This Power Washer?

The Mi-T-M Honda OHV washer can be skillful in rinsing off driveways, patios and brick.

It is a polished, controlled experience, but not one that will blow away anything it comes in contact with.

This model is steady and one of the more tranquil when being used. Though most power washers are not quiet, the Mi-T-M is at least manageable, and can make garage floors and walkways look sparkling.

The Mi-T-M should be a solid solution for people looking for small to medium range sized jobs to finish.

The Shark CB-353007B is a fantastic piece of equipment, though do note that this needs a 17 amp circuit.


This model

can heat water to 180 degrees F direct from the tap. The ceramic pistons run on the cool side which means they and the brass heads have a longer shelf life.

The 5 nozzles can be quickly connected to switch up the type of task that needs attention.

The Baldor electric motor is industrial 7.5 HP with a magnetic starter. Its thermal relief valve is critical in venting the water that is recirculated, and the detergent injector can be filled with all sorts of detergents.


The Shark CB-353007B is not a portable outfit, meaning it needs to be used where it is ‘parked.’ This is perfectly fine for some jobs, but completely implausible for others.

Because of this drawback, the type of work this unit can tackle needs to be things confined to a smaller space.

Additionally, because it does not warm up its water, elements like steam to remove pesky impurities is rendered impossible.

What Is The Best Use For This Power Washer?

Perhaps the most limited of all the mentioned models, the Shark CB-353007B is logical for wash bays and kitchen application.

However, just because something is limited does not mean it is not valuable.

Since it should not be mobile, the Shark is recommended for washing down more compact vehicles and immovable machinery.

Upon using this version of the Shark, I found it was adequate in rinsing my trailer and flatbed.

Dirt Killer E300 Cold Water Electric Industrial Pressure Washer with 50' Wire Braided Hose, 3000 PSI, 3.7 GPM, 220V, 35A, Single Phase, 7.5 HP, Stainless Steel Frame Review
  • Advanced Kranzle pump design gives multi-hour bypass and run-dry capability preventing accidental pump damage
  • Industrial Dirt Killer turbo nozzle doubles cleaning efficiency
  • Adjustable Kranzle forged brass unloader

The Dirt Killer E300, as its name suggests, is a foe of any pesky surface or substance.

One of the more compact units available, it focuses entirely on performance over aesthetic.


Applying the Kranzle pump design, its state of the art interior limits pump damage and provides multi-hour bypass.

The turbo nozzle is one of a kind and briskly cleans with an efficient and noteworthy touch.

The pneumatic tires and stainless steel framework can deal with harsh climates and changes in weather, and its German parts are freeze proof.

The single phase motor is 220V using TEFC At 3.7 gallons per minute, force is never wasted, and the 50 foot hose is wire braided.


The Dirt Killer E300 is deceptive because for its price one would think it was more foolproof.

It is a gifted piece of machinery but not one for an on the go type of job. This model is at its best when it is stationary, which can limit the places it can produce results.

Pressure washers can be very heavy, and the weight distribution of the E300 is pesky at best.

The handle is simply too short for excessive movement, which in turn places way too much stress on its user. Of all the washers I’ve used with regularity, the Dirt Killer is the only one that makes my back ache when I am through with it.

What Is The Best Use For This Power Washer?

Make no mistake, the Dirt Killer is practical for industrial use and can excel in environments that are heavy into farming and livestock.

Cleaning pens like chicken coops or maintaining horse stables is fitting.

Moreover, scrubbing down machinery as well as asbestos and mold abatement are recommended with this brand.

It is also ideal for the food processing niche, and aids admirably in plant sanitation.

I have used the Dirt Killer to remove water damage in basements, so it should be fantastic for sewage and chemical runoff.


The use of pressure washers is addicting because of all the time and money saved, but the upfront cost can hurt your bottom dollar if you are not careful.

It is always wise to know what you plan to use the unit on first before purchasing, as you may spend way more than you need to for a task that was small to begin with.

Of course everyone has their own ideas as to what works for them, but in my trials and tribulations I found the Shark SGP-353037 3,000 PSI 3.5 GPM Honda Gas Powered Hot Water Commercial Series Pressure Washer the most versatile to work with.

The SGP-353037 helped me flip many decks and patios and in some cases have them look better than they did initially.

It is the most versatile in its ability to accomplish big and small jobs alike.

I have used it for years without the flow reducing in strength, it’s a robust piece of kit.

Best 3000 PSI pressure washer review and buying guide

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