Best budget cabinet table saw (Reviews & buying guide)

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Investing in a cabinet saw is never cheap. These things are expensive, even the budget variants. But with the price, you get an amazing tool that will take your woodwork to a whole new level. In some cases, they introduce safety features not found on other small more portable models.

I’ve put together my top choices alongside a buyer’s guide to help you and your purchasing decision. These are the top choices out there, so you can be rest assured that any one of these will work well for you for decades to come.

SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 3-HP, 52-Inch Professional TGlide Fence System (PCS31230-TGP252)

SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw - PCS31230-TGP252

  • Horsepower (HP):3
  • Cutting depth (inches): 3 1/8
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Powermatic PM1000, 10-Inch Table Saw, 30-Inch Rip, 1-3/4HP, 115/230V 1PH (1791000K)

Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw 30-Inch Fence

  • Horsepower (HP):1.75
  • Cutting depth (inches): 3 1/8
  • Warranty: 5 years
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JET 10-Inch XACTA Cabinet Saw, 30-Inch Rip, 3HP, 1Ph 230V (708674PK)

Jet 708674PK XACTASAW Deluxe

  • Horsepower (HP):3
  • Cutting depth (inches): 3
  • Warranty: 5 years
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Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Extension Table and Riving Knife

Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw

  • Horsepower (HP):3
  • Cutting depth (inches): 3 1/8
  • Warranty: 2 years
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5-Hp Unisaw with 52" Biesemeyer Fence

Delta 36-l552 5-Hp Unisaw with 52 Biesemeyer Fence

  • Horsepower (HP):3
  • Cutting depth (inches): 3 1/8
  • Warranty: 5 years
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Best budget cabinet table saw reviews

SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 3-HP, 52-Inch Professional TGlide Fence System (PCS31230-TGP252) SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 3-HP, 52-Inch Professional TGlide Fence System (PCS31230-TGP252)
  • 52-INCH T-GLIDE FENCE ASSEMBLY: The 52-inch T-Glide Fence & Rail are made of heavy-gauge steel for sure lockdown and reliably square cutting for years without deflection.
  • SAWSTOP PATENTED SAFETY SYSTEM: Stops a spinning blade on contact with skin. The blade stops in less than 5 milliseconds, and drops below the table, minimizing a potentially life-altering injury to a...
  • UNMATCHED QUALITY: The trunnion and arbor are built for precision, strength and stability. The gas piston elevation delivers smooth and easy adjustability. Table flatness is measured diagonally at 0....
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The SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 is an amazing option for beginners, DIY enthusiasts, and professional woodworkers alike. This is a 3 HP cabinet saw, which features an integrated mobile base and a standout feature, making this such a fantastic option for beginners. That feature is the SawStop safety system.

It supports up to a 52″ rip capacity and can make cuts as deep as 3-1/8″ at 0-degrees and a cut as deep as 2-1/4″ when the angle is 45 degrees.

The horsepower of this cabinet table saw means it’s very capable of cutting through a wide range of materials and woods, including exotic hardwoods such as Bubinga.

SawStop is a renowned manufacturer which a range of power tools, including table saws; their products offer solutions to crafting and the woodworking process. I would go as far as to say that SawStop is a famous brand within the table saw niche for its safety feature, which should prevent the loss of any appendage, so you can work on your projects with peace of mind that you are safe from a range of mistakes.

SawStop offers what I consider one of the most versatile table saws for woodworking, and that’s the SawStop PCS31230-TGP252. This is capable of a wide range of professional applications, including large to medium scale applications.

The SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 includes a 52″ T-Glide fence system, which ensures your rips are accurate from start to finish.

This features a 40-1/8″ x 27″ extension table, which includes 12″ x 27″ extension wings. The heavy-duty cast iron table provides you with a large workspace. This cast iron base is incredibly flat, ensuring accurate cuts.

You can get this product as a 3 hp version, which is the 31230. This variant weighs 449lbs. The other variant is the SawStop PCS175 TGP236, which features a 1.75HP motor.

The 3 hp motor has a 13 amp motor, which has a 230 voltage rating. The 10″ 40-tooth blade can make cuts as deep as 3-1/8″ at 0 degrees and cuts as deep as 2-1/4″ at 45 degrees.

This cabinet table saw has a rip capacity of 52″ to the right of the blade and 12″ to the left of the blade. Having more than a 5-inch rip capacity on either side of the blade is excellent.

The dust collection system removes up to 99% of the sawdust generated through its dust collection port.

Here’s a video demonstrating it in action.

PCS31230-TGP252 Specifications

Motor rating (amp)13
Voltage (Volts)230
Blade (inches)10”
Motor Power (HP)3
T-Glide Fence System (inches)52”
Arbor diameter (inches)5/8”
Working table Size(inches)20″ x 27″
Depth of cut at 0 degrees (inches)3-1/8”
Depth of cut at 45 degrees (inches)2-1/4”
Maximum rip-right (inches)52”
Maximum rip-left (inches)12”
Weight (lbs)449

Unique Features of SawStop

This SawStop has a range of unique features; you can find these on many SawStop models, but perhaps not across other brands.

Operational Safety (Patented Safety System)

The SawStop safety system is a fantastic system that ensures the safety of the user.

SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 3-HP, 52-Inch Professional TGlide Fence System (PCS31230-TGP252)

It detects whether or not skin has come into contact with the blade. If it detects contact, it will automatically stop the rotation. It does this by throwing an aluminum plate into the blade, then the blade comes to a complete stop and is pulled into the body of the saw.

Power is also switched off.

You will need to purchase a new brake system and a new blade as a result, but that cost will be much lower than the cost of a serious injury.

Integrated mobile base

As I mentioned above, this cabinet table saw is not lightweight. Despite its weight (449 lbs), thanks to the integrated mobile base system, you can still move this around, wait, did I just say that this is a portable table saw? Yeah, something that not all cabinet table saws feature, and a feature that I find vital for small shops or those who want to reconfigure.

Attempting to jack up hefty cabinet saws is not a fun task.

There are two base options to choose from, either a professional mobile base or the industrial mobile base.

The professional mobile base has an ergonomic one-foot operation. This one-foot operation assists in the mechanical lifting of the saw. It has two fixed wheels and then two 360-degree casters.

The industrial base instead uses a hydraulic piston assist and four 360-degree casters.

I think SawStop saws are some of the best, yes they are expensive, even their budget offerings, but this, for me, is the best budget cabinet saw on the market.


The design of this saw has been focused on making it suitable for a wide range of users while maximizing the cutting capacity and being as safe as possible.

The PCS31230-TGP252 has overall dimensions of 85-1/4″ x 33″ x 34″.

SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 3-HP, 52-Inch Professional TGlide Fence System (PCS31230-TGP252)

The heavy-duty cast-iron tabletop with the extension comes in at 44″ x 27″, which gives you a large working space, large enough to deal with full sheets of ply, ensuring a nice smooth and accurate operation.

There’s also a 4″ dust collection port.

The 52″ T-Glide fence assembly and rails are made from heavy-gauge steel. This ensures reliability, durability, no flex when used, and as a result, safe use.

There’s also a power paddle, an on/off switch, and also an onboard computer to keep track of the tool’s operation over its life.

Its miter gauge slot follows standard sizing.


This heavy-duty cabinet saw’s cutting capacity is impressive. It’s 3 horsepower motor is strong enough to cut through tough and sturdy materials. This powerful motor can even handle exotic hardwoods. As I’ve mentioned above, it can handle Bubinga, which impressive in its hardness.

The 10-inch blade 40-tooth blade will easily and safely cut up to 3-1/8″ deep cuts when the angle 0-degrees. Though that is reduced to 2-1/4″ deep at 45 degrees.

As mentioned, this supports up to 52-inch rip capacity to the right of the blade and 12″ to the left.

Its 52-inch T-Glide fence system makes sure that your cuts are as accurate as possible, rip after rip.


This has been designed with safety at the forefront of all its features, with a blade guard and riving knife, plus its safety system. This is packed with safety features such as a blade guard to ensure that you are as safe as you can be during use. This, above all else, is why for me, this is the best cabinet table saw, and your budget should grow to accommodate it. I know, easier said than done.

Ease of Maintenance

This cabinet saw is relatively normal when it comes to the maintenance procedures. You need to:

  • Regularly remove dust, dirt, and wood chips from within the cast iron base.
  • Carry out inspections of the blade and other vital parts of the tool.


When it comes to repairs, I highly suggest leaving that to the SawStop technicians. This will ensure your warranty stays valid and also that your cabinet table saw is always working safely and reliably.


The warranty you get with the SawStop is a 2-year warranty on new products and a 1-year warranty on a refurbished product or a series II product from authorized outlets.

You’ll need to register your product at to get full access to the services and offers SawStop provides. You can find more warranty info on the SawStop website.


Ok, so this is a budget article, but for me, sometimes that budget must grow. A SawStop saw, including the PCS31230-TGP252 saw, isn’t for those of you with a low budget, but it should be. These tools cost more, but they’ll save you in the long run.

The quality you get, its versatility, and for me, the real overall winner is the protection system and a wide range of safety features.

Sure, it’s not a cheap product, but the cost of a lost digit or two, the time out of work, the rehabilitation, the life changes that come from a wound like that. That cost is far higher than investing in this tool.

So for me, this is the best cabinet table saw for the money, and that’s because of its safety features.

Who should buy this?

SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 3-HP, 52-Inch Professional TGlide Fence System (PCS31230-TGP252)

Anyone who wants a tool designed to keep them safe, it’s something you truly should invest in. It’s incredibly easy to control and operate, so it’s perfect for hobbyists, homeowners, and beginners. It’s also powerful enough for professionals.

If you are a professional woodworker or even a DIY enthusiast with large to medium scale projects, this is the best cabinet table saw for you.

The integrated mobile bases and all the safety features make this the ultimate option, in my opinion.

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Powermatic PM1000, 10-Inch Table Saw, 30-Inch Rip, 1-3/4HP, 115/230V 1PH (1791000K) Powermatic PM1000, 10-Inch Table Saw, 30-Inch Rip, 1-3/4HP, 115/230V 1PH (1791000K)
  • EFFICIENCY: A blade surround and collection hose provide an unobstructed path, maximizing dust collection.
  • SIMPLICITY: Arbor lock allows for one-handed blade changes, with minimal tools.
  • COMFORT: Ergonomically-designed 7” handwheels provide momentum (making blade height and bevel adjustments easy).
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Powermatic has developed one of the best cabinet table saws out there. This is their PM1000 1791000K model, and what sets this apart is its blend of features and affordability. You’ll find that this cabinet table saw offers a range of superior features that you’ll only find on the much more costly, top of the line cabinet saws.

What’s interesting about this is that it can run on a regular 115-volt power outlet, which means it’ll be an easy addition to your home workshop without having to involve an electrician.

This is a well-built machine that’s has been redesigned to suit the needs for any woodwork workshop.

Powermatic PM1000 Specifications

  • Motor Capacity: 1-3/4 HP
  • Voltage: 115V
  • Blade Diameter: 10″
  • Blade Tilt: Left
  • Rip Capacity: To the left 12″; to the right 30″
  • Arbor speed: 4200 RPM
  • Arbor Size: 5/8″
  • Dust Port: 4″
  • Table Measures: 20″ x 27″
  • Warranty: 5 years

Powermatic 1791000K Features

Powermatic PM1000, 10-Inch Table Saw, 30-Inch Rip, 1-3/4HP, 115/230V 1PH (1791000K)

The Powermatic PM1000 features a Powermatics Accu-Fence system, which provides the high accuracy that your woodwork projects demand. The precision is one thing, but this also has a sophisticated system that provides not only ample workspace but also great stability.

The powerful 1 3/4 horsepower motor gives you the horsepower you need to rip all types of wood, including hardwood. Maple, Oak… this cabinet saw will cut through them like a hot knife through butter.

The powerful motor utilizes a Poly-V belt drive system; this increases efficiency while reducing vibration.

There’s a hands-free power switch that has been conveniently positioned, so you can turn the cabinet saw on or off with your knee. Incredibly handy for when your hands are occupied.

There’s a 4″ dust port with a collection hose, which will keep your work area dust-free. This efficient dust collection system keeps dust off of your worktops and floors; instead of vacuuming your workshop daily, you just empty out the dust port occasionally.

The miter gauge included with this table saw can be pivoted up to 60 degrees on both sides. You can make easy adjustments quickly make it easy to switch between a wide variety of cuts.

The blade guard uses a tool-less guard assembly, meaning that no tools are required for your blade guard assembly. This is great as it removes the annoyance factor, meaning you will replace your blade guard once the rip which required it’s removal is done. Ensuring your own safety.

When you assemble this, keep in mind that this isn’t one of those portable table saws. It is very heavy, so you’ll want a buddy, and you’ll want to assemble as close to its final location as possible.


Powermatic PM1000, 10-Inch Table Saw, 30-Inch Rip, 1-3/4HP, 115/230V 1PH (1791000K)

This cabinet table saw delivers amazing accuracy. Part of that comes from the table saw blade, which once set up correctly remains true, rip after rip. The other part is the Accu-fence system, which ensures that your workpiece stays true and parallel to the blade, is very similar to the SawStop T-glide fence system.

But those things alone don’t accuracy make! We must not forget the cast iron table top, which ensures steadiness and is perfectly leveled, which not only helps with your rips but also in ensuring your miter gauge remains accurate.

This is a machine that’s been designed for daily use, and as a result, is incredibly durable. This cabinet saw features a 10-inch blade. The 7 inch handwheels are easy to use to adjust not only the blade height but also its angle.

The integrated arbor lock makes changing the blade incredibly easy.


The warranty Powermatic provides depends entirely on the type of use. For residential use, the warranty will last for 5 years. If you use it for commercial use, then the warranty is only 2 years long, with a free service during its warranty period.

Frequently asked questions

Which is better, the PM1000 or the 64B?

It entirely depends on what you want from your saw, but for me, the PM1000 is the standout winner.

What dado insert will work with the PM1000?

The 708097 dado insert will fit the PM1000.

How are the trunnions mounted? Table mounted or cabinet mounted?

While at first glance, it may seem like these are mounted onto the cast iron base cabinet, they are, in fact, table-mounted trunnions.

Does the PM1000 table saw include a dado insert?

No, you’ll have the purchase the 708097 dado insert separately for this cabinet saw.

Who should buy this?

This is an ideal cabinet table saw for anyone with the space to accommodate it, but bear in mind that this doesn’t come with casters, so once it’s in place, it’s not going to be easy to move; there no automatic shut off system should skin get near the blade. There are anti-kickback pawls which helps almost entirely eliminate kickback, but with no automatic skin detection, if you are looking for something that is as safe as it could be. This isn’t the cabinet saw for you.

What is great is that it has a low power requirement thanks to only needing a 115-volt outlet. Its 30″ Accu-fence system providers users with plenty of workspace. You have ample rip capacity, with a 30-inch rip capacity to the right of the blade and 12 inches to the left.

This table saw has plenty of attractive features, sure it doesn’t have the same left of protections as SawStop, but you get a low power table saw with an excellent 60-degree miter gauge, made by a very reputable company. It includes an anti-kickback system, fence rail, poly-v belt, dust collection hose, riving knife, and more.

It has everything you need to be successful with your woodworking projects. This is why this is one of the best cabinet table saws.

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JET 10-Inch XACTA Cabinet Saw, 30-Inch Rip, 3HP, 1Ph 230V (708674PK) JET 10-Inch XACTA Cabinet Saw, 30-Inch Rip, 3HP, 1Ph 230V (708674PK)
  • QUICK-RELEASE RIVING KNIFE Hassle-free riving knife changes.
  • POLY-V DRIVE BELT SYSTEM: Delivers efficient, quiet operation.
  • PUSH-BUTTON ARBOR LOCK: For rapid blade change.
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Jet produces some of the best cabinet table saws; these are high-quality cabinet table saws, a must-have for any home or professional woodworker. Finding a cabinet table saw that doesn’t break the bank can be a challenge, thankfully this is a fantastic option that should fit into your budget. It’s about as budget as a cabinet saw can get.

With this cabinet table saw, you get 50 inch rip capacity, a very powerful 3 HP motor, and its quick-release rip fence makes adjustments smooth and easy.

When the blade is at 90 degrees, you have a cutting depth of 3 inches.

Is it difficult to assemble?

Assembling this saw is incredibly easy. It will take time and patience, and you will need help with unpacking the cabinet table saw. This isn’t one of those portable table saws. This weighs over 500 pounds when fully assembled, thanks to its solid cast iron top and cast iron base.

The instructions are well written, clear, and easy to follow. It took me around 3 hours to get it fully assembled.

When it came to aligning the saw was a breeze, this thing came almost perfectly accurate straight from the manufacturer. The only caveat is that you should take your time to carefully align the front rail properly. Should you do that, I would expect your experience to match my own. I suggest taking the time to test all the accuracy of the measurements with a digital gauge; this will ensure everything is zeroed in.

Best features of the Jet 7086PK XACTASAW Deluxe

It’s rip capacity, the fact that you get an extra-wide extension table,  having 50″ of rip capacity is amazing. It certainly made my life easy when it comes to breaking down sheets of plywood.

Plus, there is a built-in storage drawer in the cabinet table saw, which is excellent for storing the accessories and other components, keeping them right where you need them.

The motor produces 3 HP, which is incredibly powerful and makes this a pure beast when it comes to it’s cutting abilities.


Made from cast iron, this cabinet table saw is incredibly durable, the motor is exceptionally well constructed and very rugged, every component is made of similar quality. That said, it wasn’t all perfect, the screws included in the wiring block aren’t the best and can strip, but I’ve yet to get any screws with anything I’ve ordered that are worthwhile. I always replace where I can.

Is the Jet 7086PK XACTASAW Deluxe easy to use?

Everything you need is right where you need it, so it’s easy to start and stop, to feed through workpieces. The miter gauge is one of the best I’ve seen.

The shrouded dust collection is spot on. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any dust should you have a proper dust extraction vacuum running.

The quick-release riving knife is easy to use or remove depending on your cutting needs. The glide fence system is excellent, so it’s easy to move into position. The arbor lock ensures easy blade replacement.


You get a 5-year warranty from Jet, and their customer service staff are among the best in the industry. It doesn’t matter what your question or problem is; they will quickly and easily take care of you.

What’s in the Box

What I love about this table saw is that it comes with everything you need to get started in your woodwork shop, and that means you won’t get one box to open; you’ll have several boxes to dig into. Altogether these boxes will contain:

  • The Jet 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe table saw
  • Side cover
  • table extension
  • Power switch
  • Table insert
  • Owner’s manual
  • Warranty card
  • Blade guard assembly
  • Riving knife and pawl assembly
  • Handwheel and swivel handle
  • Lock knob
  • 2 large hooks
  • 1 small hook
  • Push stick
  • Miter gauge assembly
  • 27mm arbor wrench
  • Assembly hardware
  • Rip fence

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Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Extension Table and Riving Knife Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Extension Table and Riving Knife
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • Precision ground and polished cast iron table and wings and massive cast iron trunnions
  • Quick release riving knife, blade guard and splitter assembly
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If you want quality and efficiency, then this is the cabinet table saw for you. The Shop Fox W1820 is amazingly put together, just like the Shop Fox W1819 was. Both the W1820 and the Grizzly G0690 are very comparable cabinet table saws; they are basically the same.

Its high power motor producing 3 horsepower slices through hardwood like a hot knife through butter. This cabinet table saw features some heavy-duty specifications. I loved its Camlock T-fence and the 4-inch dust collection port.

Assembly was very easy, but due to the weight, you will need a friend to help.


  • Motor: 3 horsepower, 230V, single-phase, 12.8A
  • Blade tilt: 0°-45° left
  • Arbor size: 5/8″
  • Arbor speed: 4300 RPM
  • Max. depth of cut @ 90°: 3-1/8″
  • Max. depth of cut @ 45°: 2-3/16″
  • Max. rip capacity: 49″
  • Max. dado width: 13/16″
  • Cast-iron table size: 27″ x 40-1/4″
  • Table size with extension: 27″ x 74″
  • 4″ dust port
  • Table height from floor: 34″
  • 10″ x 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade and extended-reach push stick
  • Precision-ground and polished cast-iron table and wings
  • Cast-iron trunnions
  • Miter gauge with adjustable T-slot and anodized fence with extension and flip stop
  • Camlock fence with HDPE face
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Includes standard & dado table inserts
  • Quick-release blade guard with independent-lifting sides and retractable pawls
  • Wide-span easy-glide T-fence system
  • Knurled knobs for fine fence adjustments
  • Nylon runners inside fence head assembly
  • Sloped inner cabinet floor for efficient dust transport
  • Accessory hooks on cabinet
  • Magnetic switch with thermal overload protection
  • Overall size: 82″L x 45-1/2″W x 40″H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 567 lbs, so not the most portable table saws

Whos this for?

This, like the other cabinet saws this could be called the best cabinet table saw. It stands up to every other cabinet table saw on the list, it shares the same features, so powerful motor, it’s made by Shop Fox, who makes amazing tools. This is a nice upgrade from the Shop Fox W1819.

Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Extension Table and Riving Knife

It includes an extension table, it’s not the most portable saw, but you can adjust the height, which is a fantastic feature.

It’s full of safety features, with a blade guard and kickback protection via kickback pawls and a riving knife.

If you purchased this, whether you have a home workshop or you are a professional, it would be the last cabinet table saw you would need to buy; if you are considering the Grizzly G0690, this and that are essentially the same machine under different branding.

Its arbor lock means you’ll have no problems changing your blade, and with the extension table installed, you get a massive amount of space, perfect for working with large workpieces.

This is a fantastic budget option and one of the best cabinet table saws you’ll find on the market.

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5-Hp Unisaw with 52" Biesemeyer Fence 5-Hp Unisaw with 52" Biesemeyer Fence
  • THIS ITEM SHIPS IN 4 BOXES. YOU SHOULD RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING COMPONENTS - 36-L300 3hp Saw Body (Crated) 78-138 Fence Rails (Boxed) 78-919 Fence & Legs (Boxed) 78-864 Extension Table (Boxed)
  • Powerful 3 horsepower, 220 volt, 60 Hz American Marathon motor designed to handle the most demanding production environments.
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Delta creates some amazing table saws, and this is no exception. It’s a high-quality product. I would compare the quality to that of, say, the Grizzly G0690.

This is a USA made table saw, so you can expect some of the best quality in the manufacturing of the components. The cabinet is cast iron, which we expect from the best table saws.

Putting this together is real easy; it’ll take around 3 hours, and you’ll only need two tools, a 1/2″ open-ended wrench and a 3/16″ hex wrench; these aren’t included, so you will need to provide you own, I would have expected more from one of the best table saws, but you can’t win them all.

5-Hp Unisaw with 52" Biesemeyer Fence

Using this is a breeze. The trunnion is located right where you want them and give positive and easy adjustments. I love the bevel gauge on the front of the saw. This is a feature not often found even on the best options out there. Being able to easily see and adjust the bevel of the blade is a nice addition. It is only accurate to 1/4 of a degree, but still, that’s very accurate.

5-Hp Unisaw with 52" Biesemeyer Fence

It comes with a riving knife, blade guard, anti-kickback protection. It’s got an excellent dust collection, just like the other best options.

This has the largest throat opening of all of the best options, which makes it very easy to get inside of the cavity to change out a blade. I’ve often lost a little skin here are there squeeze in the internals trying to loosen a blade.

The arbor nut is a one-piece unit, which makes it very easy to rethread.

The optional drawer is fantastic; it can hold all of the accessories and 2 riving knives and up to 5 blades; it’s a shame you have to purchase it separately.

The biesemeyer fence is top quality and remains parallel to the blade even after heavy use. This is one of the best saws out there. It’ll be a hard choice to choose between this and one of the other options on the list.

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Buyers Guide


For one of the best cabinet table saw, you want a 3 to 5 hp motor. These typically have a poly v belt drive system and offer plenty of voltage. This is important when you are looking for something with a three to five horsepower motor.

Anything less, and you may struggle to rip harder woods.


Accuracy is important for carpenters, which is why I have an article on laser levels for carpenters, as not only is the accuracy of your cuts and construction important, so is the installation.

Accuracy will come from a quality and square fence system; this doesn’t matter if it’s a gliding fence system or not. Also, the setup of your table saw blade making sure that it’s perfectly square against a perfectly flat table saw table.

These three things will ensure that every cut you make is accurate. The best cabinet table saw will be almost dead zero right out of the factory.


Regardless of your experience and care, slip-ups can happen, so you want to ensure that your cabinet saw features a range of safety features.

Firstly a splitter or riving knife is a must; this will prevent kickbacks, and kickback is the leading cause of table saw-related injuries.

Going further, moisture detection systems can be the difference between ten fingers or nine. One of the best cabinet table saws on the market is made by the brand SawStop, a brand renowned for its ability to immediately stop a saw blade on contact with flesh.

The SawStop PCS175 TGP236 is a rather safe option, but it isn’t a budget choice

Dust Collection

Dust collection is rather important; sawdust can get between your workpiece and the fence, slightly changing the cutting angle. It can also get under the workpiece again, changing the cutting angle. This will mean that your cuts end up being inaccurate.

You want to look for a cabinet saw that has a built-in integrated dust collection system, this will prevent inaccurate cuts, and also there are some woods which contain chemicals which can have a detrimental effect on carpenters, having a such an efficient system which removes as much dust as possible, reducing the chances of any dust particles entering your lungs.


The majority of table saw blades are compatible with either a 10-inch blade or a 12-inch blade. As such, you rarely need to worry about sizing, that said, there is an important aspect of blades that you need to keep in mind, and that is the tilt of the blade.

You’ll find that cabinet saw blades will tilt either to the left or right, and they can also tilt at a range of angles. The title has a range of benefits and also drawbacks.

Left-leaning blades, believe it or not, are suited for left-handed people. They also do well at cutting beveled edges. I’ve found that left tilting is a great angle as it prevents the wood from being trapped under the blade reducing the risk of kickback.

Also, left-leaning blades are easier for those of us who are right-handed. They make it easier for cabinetmakers to measure their projects prior to cutting.

Though it’s quite common for a cabinetmaker to choose a right-leaning blade over a left-tilting blade as they can use their rip fence to measure from. Plus, right-leaning blades have their arbor nut adjusted with your left hand, which is preferred for left-handed contractors for the obvious reasons.

Ultimately whether you chose a left or right-leaning blade will come down to your personal preference.

Is a cabinet table saw what you really need?

If you’ve taken the time to look into the various types of table saw, then you will have seen the sizes, requirements, and costs of a cabinet table saw. These things aren’t small, and they aren’t cheap. They are fantastic options, and I much prefer them over any portable model.

But do keep in mind whether or not you should be going for a budget cabinet saw. There are some fantastic models of portable options, such as a Dewalt cordless table saw, there’s even the Ryobi 10 inch blade portable saws, and a craftsman 10″ table saw.

These will do a fantastic job.

The Table Better Be Flat

If you want an accurate cut, then you need to make sure that the table is as flat as possible, paying attention specifically to the area that’s closest to the blade. This is the most important area of your table saw table that must be flat outside you will get cuts that are out of square.

Ultimately, if your table saw isn’t flat, then I suggest skipping that saw.

Zero-Clearance Inserts

I highly suggest going for cabinet table saws which feature zero-clearance inserts. While the ones that come with even the best cabinet table saw will typically have gaps too wide, you can make your own or purchase ones with a much more closed-gap. These are a must if you want to reduce or completely remove tear out.

Splitter in Place

A splitter or riving knife is a must for any table saw; it stops the wood from pinching the blade, which can cause kickback. I suggest, if you can go for one of the best cabinet saws on the market which includes a riving knife over a splitter, the reason for this is the riving knife goes up and down with the table saw blade.

This is incredibly handy, as you won’t have a big ol’ chunk of metal guard in the way. Also, riving knives are easy to remove and can easily accept a simple overhead guard. It’s easy to put back as well.

Ease means you’ll happily put it back, ensuring the safest cuts possible.

Reliable Fence

You want a solid, accurate, and reliable fence system. This is going to be something that ensures that you get square cuts (assuming you’ve set up the blade properly).

You want one, that when you lock it in place, that it’s not going to move anywhere. There shouldn’t be any flex or movement when you place your lumber up against it. Also, your fence should be dead straight.

Miter Slot

The miter slot shouldn’t be some random size. Otherwise, any aftermarket accessories that use a miter slot that you purchase may not fit, and the last thing you want is to have a hard time finding accessories.

You want to be sure that any accessories you purchase will work with your miter slot that your cabinet table saw comes with.

The Arbor Shaft Size

You want the arbor, the shaft to be a size that will hold your blade, but also long enough to take a decent stack of dado blades. Sure, you can use a crosscut sled, but that takes time, where a dado stack will get the job done quickly and accurately.


When should you sharpen a table saw?

The easiest way to know if your blade needs to be sharpened is when it starts to show signs of dullness. If you leave it too long, damage to permanently happen to the blade. So how do you identify dullness? It’s more of a feeling. If the blade is taking longer, requiring more effort from you to push the workpiece through, then chances are it needs to go away for professional sharpening.

What is the difference between a contractor saw and a cabinet saw?

Cabinet saws are much more substantial in their size and construction. These are made from cast iron and steel. Everything is made for accuracy and durability. These are portable like a contractor saw, but they’ll handle large workpieces and have the horsepower to deal with much harder woods.

Can I use an 8-inch blade on a 10-inch table saw?

As long as the blade’s arbor hole matches your arbor, then yeah, there will be a reduction in cutting depth.

Wrap Up

For me, I personally think that it makes sense to push your budget to afford the SawStop. All the cabinet table saws on this list are fantastic options; these are some of the best cabinet table saws, but that incredible safety feature makes the SawStop the best cabinet table saw. It gives true peace of mind in knowing that when you leave your shop, you will do with all your digits.

If you are happy and content in your ability to not make a silly mistake that you’ll be over the moon with any of the options I’ve listed.

If you have any questions, please do leave a comment below.