Best Concrete Cleaners of 2022 – (Reviews & Guide)

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Best Concrete Cleaners

Looking for the best concrete cleaners on the market? Well look no further, our best concrete cleaner recommendations will ensure that any dirt, stains, mold and mildew or discoloration on your concrete floors are a thing of the past.

Perhaps you are struggling to remove oil stains or even paint spills from your garage floor… we’ve been there we know how tough it can be.

Concrete floors while a durable, tough surface, they do need regular cleaning to prevent concrete stains.

We’ll show you the right concrete cleaner for your concrete surface, so that you garage and driveway end up with squeaky clean concrete to match a freshly spring cleaned home.

Our Top Picks

RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Spray - Scrub Free Formula, 1 Gallon Best for Mold and Mildew

RMR-86 Stain Remover Spray

  • Volume: 1 gallon
  • Best Suited For: Unsealed/sealed concrete
  • Works on:
    • Removes mold & mildew
    • Works on stains below the surface
    • Fast action with no scrubbing
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Black Diamond Stoneworks Limestone and Travertine Floor Cleaner: Natural Stone, Marble, Slate, Polished Concrete, honed or tumbled surfaces. Concentrated Ph. Neutral. (1-Quart) Best Polishing Concrete Cleaner

Black Diamond Stoneworks Concrete Floor Cleaner

  • Volume: 32 fl. oz.
  • Best Suited For: Stone, Polished concrete
  • Works on:
    • General dirt
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Zep Professional Heavy-Duty Powdered Concrete Cleaner, 40Lb. Bucket, Biodegradable, Dissolves Quickly and Removes Tough, Embedded Soils (R02934), Orange Best Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner

Zep Professional Heavy-Duty Powdered Concrete Cleaner

  • Volume: Casting 40 lbs
  • Best Suited For: Unsealed/sealed concrete
  • Works on:
    • General dirt
    • Oil
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Zep Driveway and Concrete Pressure Wash Cleaner - 1 Gallon (Case of 4) ZUBMC128 - Professional Strength Concentrate Best Value Concrete Cleaner

Zep Pressure Washer Cleaner

  • Volume: 20 gallons
  • Best Suited For: Unsealed/sealed concrete
  • Works on:
    • Brings concrete back to original state
    • Removes oil & grime stains
    • Works on asphalt, brick & stone
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Oil Eater Original 1 Gallon Cleaner and Degreaser - Dissolve Grease Oil and Heavy-Duty Stains – Professional Strength Best Degreasing Concrete Cleaner

Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser

  • Volume: 1 gallon
  • Best Suited For: Unsealed/sealed concrete
  • Works on:
    • Professional strength cleaner
    • Water-based biodegradable formula
    • Lemon scented
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Eco-Etch Pro Concrete Etcher, Concrete Cleaner, Efflorescence Remover, No Fumes, Will Not Burn Skin - Safer Than Muriatic Acid, Will Not Harm Vegetation, 1 Gallon Best Deep Clean Concrete Cleaner

Eco-Etch Pro Concrete Etcher and Cleaner

  • Volume: 1 gal
  • Best Suited For: Unsealed concrete
  • Works on:
    • Efflorescence
    • Lime
    • Rust
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All Purpose Cleaner and Floor Cleaner Concentrate, Multi-Surface Cleaner for Home Office and Kitchen Floor, Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner, 1 Gallon - Sheiner’s Best pH Neutral Concrete Cleaner

Sheiner’s Floor Concentrate Cleaner Concentrate

  • Volume: 1 gal
  • Best Suited For: Sealed concrete, Indoor flooring
  • Works on:
    • General dirt
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Concrete Oil Stain Remover and Cleaner Terminator-HSD Eco-Friendly Bio-Remediates and Removes Oil & Grease Stains on Concrete and Asphalt Driveways, Garages, Pavers, Patios, Parking Lots, Streets and Warehouses(2 LB) Best Eco-Friedly Concrete Cleaner

Terminator-HSD Concrete Cleaner

  • Volume: 2 lbs
  • Best Suited For: Unsealed concrete, Asphalt
  • Works on:
    • Hydrocarbon stains
    • Oil
    • Grease
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ACT Concrete Cleaner 2.5lb Best Versatile Concrete Cleaner

ACT Concrete Cleaner

  • Volume: 2.5 lbs
  • Best Suited For: Unsealed concrete
  • Works on:
    • Oil
    • Grease
    • Animal Waste
    • Mold
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Types of Concrete Cleaners

We know that it can be tough to find the right concrete cleaner for your specific concrete surface. We’ll walk you through the main types and what the best concrete cleaner type would be the right one for you.

pH neutral cleaners

All Purpose Cleaner and Floor Cleaner Concentrate, Multi-Surface Cleaner for Home Office and Kitchen Floor, Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner, 1 Gallon - Sheiner’s
pH neutral cleaners are great for multiple different surfaces. The pH neutral formula ensures that the clean won't damage your concrete surface. These are also good for sealed indoor concrete and are designed for mild cleaning.


  • Less likely to cause damage.
  • Often be used on a variety of surfaces.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Suitable for unsealed and sealed concrete.


  • Ideal for mild cleaning.

Acidic cleaners

Miracle Sealants PHOSGAL4 Phosphoric Acid Cleaners, Gallon, 128 Fl Oz
Acidic cleaners are perfect for removing those heavy-duty stains. This includes grease stains and efflorescence residue and a wide variety of other dirt. These are usually made from hydrochloric or phosphoric acid which reacts with concrete to remove any built up dirt.

  • Deep cleans concrete.
  • Removes a wide variety of stains and grease.
  • Removes hard water stains, efflorescence, and salt build-up.
  • Many can be used indoors or outdoors.


  • Some very strong formulas.
  • Not eco-friendly
  • You’ll need to wear protective clothing while using this kind of cleaner.

Alkaline cleaners

Oil Eater Original 1 Gallon Cleaner and Degreaser - Dissolve Grease Oil and Heavy-Duty Stains – Professional Strength
Alkaline cleaners are amazing at removing oil and grease and other petroleum based stains from concrete. These work by breaking down the oily residue thanks to their high alkalinity.

Alkaline cleaners are amazing at removing oil, grease and other petroleum based stains from concrete. These work by breaking down the oily residue thanks to their high alkalinity.


  • Breaks down oily stains.
  • Works for industrial and household uses.
  • Can remove mildew, too.
  • Some non-toxic options.


  • Some are made with harsh chemicals.

Enzymatic Cleaners

Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator for Strong Odor - Enzyme-Powered Pet Odor Eliminator for Home - Carpet Stain Remover for Cats and Dog Pee - Enzymatic Cat Urine Destroyer - Carpet Cleaner Spray
Enzyme cleaners contain natural enzymatic bacteria which love to feed on ammonia crystals and other organic matter and by feed I mean eat. So they completely remove these. This works well on concrete for protein based stains and starch.

Enzyme cleaners contain natural enzymatic bacteria which love to feed on ammonia crystals and other organic matter and by feed I mean eat, so they completely remove these. This works well on concrete for protein based stains and starch.


  • Works on starch- and protein-based stains.
  • Can Neutralize volatile compounds.
  • Lift spilled messes out of concrete.
  • Suitable for a wide range of surfaces.
  • Digests stains even old baked on stains.
  • Attacks grease and oil.
  • Lifts and tackles urine stains.


  • Limited options on the market for concrete.
  • Most need to be diluted before use.

Speciality Cleaners

Singerman Laboratories Rust Remover for Concrete (22 oz makes one gallon)
Speciality concrete cleaners are made up from the elements of the above types of cleaners. These are a blend of a few cleaners in order to tackle very specific problems such as rust or efflorescence.

Speciality concrete cleaners are made up from the elements of the above types of cleaners. These are a blend of a few cleaners in order to tackle very specific problems such as rust or efflorescence.

For example eximo waterless concrete cleaner is a speciality cleaner designed for areas where you can use water.


  • These cleaners tackle specific issues, such as rust and efflorescence.
  • Uses a blend of effective cleaners.
  • Many non-acid based solutions.


  • Can be expensive.
  • Not always as effective as other concrete cleaners.

How to Choose the Best Concrete Cleaners

How good your concrete driveway cleaner works on the stains on your driveway will depend entirely on finding the right product with the right features.

In this section, I’ll cover the most important information that you need to know to make the right choice to get rid of your stains and dirty patches.

Type of cleaner

Concrete Cleaner Reviews

Look through the cleaners we’ve listed above and look for the one that’s best suited to your stains.

Look at the pH factor which is about how acidic or how alkaline the formula is.

The two most common concrete issues, oils, and efflorescence require cleaning with either an alkaline or acidic cleaner.

There are also neutral cleaners that have a pH of 7, and these are great for mild cleaning of sealed concrete floors.

Finally, there are also novel enzymatic and bacterial cleaners; these are perfect for dealing with pet stains and other hydrocarbon and protein-based dirt, which is trapped inside of the porous concrete.

Value for money

Diluted or Concentrated Formula

Like with various types of pressure washer foam cannon soaps, concrete cleaners in either a diluted ready-to-use form or in a concentrated formula.

Look at the price per ounce rather than the overall price, as this is where you’ll find the true value of the product. Concentrated cleaners need to be diluted and these concrete cleaners are the most cost effective.

Sealed vs Unsealed Concrete

Before purchasing any concrete cleaners, you need to check whether you have sealed or unsealed concrete. If you have any doubts, go for a pH-neutral cleaner. It’s safe on both.


Many people choose to go for eco-friendly options, which is very important if there’s wildlife or plants nearby. There are a lot of biodegradable and eco-friendly concrete cleaners on the market.

Ease of use

Seems an odd thing with a concrete cleaner, but be sure to check whether it’s made for us with a pressure washer or suitable without one, check to see how much scrubbing is required. Some concrete cleaners need more effort than others.


Many concrete cleaners will work on a variety of surfaces, both indoors and outdoor surfaces. While you might be happy with one designed for concrete surfaces. A lot of people are looking for a product that goes a step further, and can be used on multiple surfaces.

Check and see what surfaces and purposes your cleaner has.


It’s worth considering whether the formula is toxic or contains harsh chemicals, this is especially important with pets or kids around.

Do You Need a Concrete Cleaner?

Best Concrete Cleaner

When it comes to curb appeal, one thing that stands out is cleanliness. Your yard and the façade of your home are facing a constant battle with and grime. As time goes on, lime and mortar residues, algae, moss, and efflorescence all build-up, leaving your concrete looking dirty and dull.

Concrete is porous with anywhere between 5 and 20% of the surface being tiny holes. These little holes hold onto the dirt, oil particles, and water, this makes concrete cleaning a tough task.

Because of this your regular pressure washer soap or detergent falls short without a little help, such as using concrete cleaners and perhaps even a surface cleaner or brush.

Best Concrete Cleaner Reviews

Mold and mildew ruining the look of your concrete surfaces? Then this is the product for you. This instant stain remover spray will get rid of those stubborn stains caused by mildew and mold and even black mold stains.

This fast acting spray works almost immediately, you can see it working. It targets the stains and it doesn’t matter if its deeply embedded dirt, it gets rid. This works best on bathroom tiles, grout, under sinks and even on shower doors. It also works concrete surfaces.

This is a versatile spray that can work on tubs, decks and wood, plus it’s really good for vinyl siding, drywall, brick and other areas where you might find mold and mildrew.

This powerful formula is fantastic at removing unpleasant odors, so not only is your hold free of mold and mildew, but also the musty and damp smells, leaving just a refreshing scent behind.


  • Removes mold and mildew stains
  • Removes algae stains
  • Works on stains below the surface
  • Fast acting and no scrubbing
  • Works on a huge amount of surfaces


  • Toxic formula, so protecting clothing is essential and keep kids and pets away
  • Can strip paint

Additional Specs

Sealed or unsealedNot specified
Type of cleanerSpeciality
Stain TypeMold and mildew
Quantity128 ounces

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  • REGULAR USE WILL ENHANCE your stone's natural beauty, making colors more vivid.
  • WORKS GREAT ON POLISHED CONCRETE. Honed, tumbled and all porous surfaces!
  • PH NEUTRAL, BIODEGRADABLE will clean & protect your stone surfaces.

If you need something to work with tumbled stone, honed or polished concrete floors, and pathways, then this is the product for you.

Polished concrete and stone floors require regular maintenance this is where Black Diamond Stone Wash shines, it won’t only clean, but it will also nourish, giving it a great shine.

This product can be used on a wide variety of stone-line surfaces, including slate, marble, natural stone, and even polished concrete.

This is a pH neutral product, which is fantastic for general and gentle cleaning. To make it even better, this formula requires no rinsing after use.

Black Diamond Stone wash comes in two sizes, a 32 fluid ounce bottle and a full gallon bottle.

This is a concentrated product, so you only need to use about 4 ounces for every gallon of water, talk about cost effective!


  • Works on slate, marble and polished concrete including concrete countertops
  • pH neutral and concentrated formula


  • This isn’t designed for use on unsealed concrete

Additional Specs

Sealed or unsealedSealed
Type of cleanerSpeciality
Stain TypeNone
Quantity32 fluid ounces

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  • Sold in 40Lb. Bucket for easy useage
  • Easy to use - Wet floor, apply product, scrub, rinse
  • This hard-working, biodegradable concrete cleaner changes color when wet to indicate its concentration level while working

If you want a product for professional level, heavy duty cleaning. Which has a fast-acting formula and event removed embedded dirt thats been around for a while. This is the product to eliminate it.

This is an easy to use product, even if it’s your first time cleaning concrete. Just wet the floor, apply the product, give it a good scrub and rinse off.

The powered changes color from orange to green to indicate that it’s working, so there’s no second guessing.

This is designed for heavy grease and grime stains, so much so it will dissolve grease. It dissolves these quickly to remove concrete stains and dirt, so you get your concrete back how you like it in not time.


  • Heavy duty cleaning
  • It can dissolve grease strains and other petroleum based stains
  • Can remove oil stains
  • Removes pet waste stains
  • Removes tough and dried on grease, grime and oil stains
  • Easy to apply and lets you know it’s working by changing color from orange to green
  • No pressure washers needed


  • It’s not effortless, you need to get involved with a stiff brush
  • The powder can become rather solid in the packaging

Additional Specs

Sealed or unsealedNot specified
Type of cleanerAlkaline degreaser
Stain TypeGrease and oil
Quantity640 ounces

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  • Construction Grade Pressure Wash removes tough oil stains, dirt & grime
  • Best for use on: Concrete, Brick, Asphalt & Aggregate Surfaces

If you want a incredibly high value cleaner than this Zep Concrete cleaner is for you; you can a lot for your money. This comes in a four pack of high-strength cleaners, which will bring your dirty concrete surfaces back to perfection.

Though you do need to use a pressure washer with this product.

This product is ideal for most concrete surfaces, walkways, driveways, concrete patios, that end up dirty due to being high traffic areas and suffering the weather.

This solution lifts and removes stains, including oil and grime stains

It doesn’t contain petroleum solvents so is safe for use on asphalt. It’s also safe on concrete, brick and stone. This is a versatile product that goes a long way.


  • Good value for money
  • Brings concrete back to it’s original look
  • Removes oil and grime stains
  • Removes protein based stains
  • Works on Asphalt, brick and stone
  • Simple cleaning process with a pressure washer


  • You have to use a pressure washer
  • Can’t be used on sealed concrete surfaces

Additional Specs

Sealed or unsealedUnsealed
Type of cleanerSpeciality
Stain TypeOil and grime
Quantity512 ounces

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  • Powerful Cleaning: Dissolves Grease, Oil And Dirt From Any Washable Surface
  • Usda Approved: For Use At Food Service Facilities (A1, A4, A8)
  • Biodegradable Formula: No Harsh Solvents And Is Noncorrosive

This is another professional strength cleaner which removes grease and grime. This is fantastic for heavy, medium or light duty cleaning.

Just follow the instructions when diluting to make the perfect solution for the mess you are dealing with.

This lemon scented product works to dissolve grease and oils, remove pet urine, and cleans almost every kind of surface. This cleaning solution is acid free, and doesn’t contain any abrasive or petroleum products.

Instead this is a water-based biodegrable product so safe for your home and septic systems.

It’s approved for use on food prep surfaces and can be used on anything from concrete to floors, carpets, tuns, grills, decks, boat hulls, siding and so much more.

This works well for industrial purposes, such as machinery, tools, exhausts and hoods and many more places. This is a fantastic cleaner for removing grease.

Although this is a water-based biodegradable formula, the manufacturer does warn of potential skin and eye irritation. So wear protective clothing when using this product.

Additional Specs

Sealed or unsealedNot specified
Type of cleanerAlkaline degreaser
Stain TypeGrease and grime
Quantity128 ounces

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  • Concrete Etcher: Safely etches concrete floors and precast concrete surfaces to create a suitable surface profile and micropores for optimum porosity which increases coating adhesion.
  • Efflorescence Remover: An organic acid etcher that will remove surface efflorescence, calcium, and mortar. Dissolves unsightly white salts and cement mortar.
  • Muriatic Acid Alternative: Our formula uses a safe organic acid derived from salts and natural acids that won't burn your skin or damage your lungs from inhalation.

There’s no way to prevent efflorescence, that’s the white powdery residue that shows up on concrete.

However, there is an easy and safe way to remove it, and that’s the Eco-Etch Pro Concrete, etcher and cleaner.

This product is for unsealed concrete, which is suffering from efflorescence, mortar, lime, or calcium build-up. It’s also useful for dealing with soil stains or rust residue from metal furniture and water.

If you are looking to cover your concrete with a sealer or a coating, you should always etch the concrete first, and this is a product that’s ideal to do that.

This product has an acidic formula but this is safe to use, unlike traditional choices such as muriatic and citric acid. Though you should still wear protective gloves and goggles when working with acids as they can cause serious chemical injuries.

This is very easy to use, it does require agitation, but there is no need to neutralize this product with alkaline products after use, just need to rinse it with water.

This comes in a 1 or 5-gallon bottle. You can use this product at its full strength, or dilute it up to 3:1 for light cleaning. A gallon of this product will cover around 200 square feet, depending on dilution.


  • This Acid based product is ideal for etching or cleaning efflorescence, lime, calcium and rust stains from concrete
  • Mild, safe and easy to use
  • Doesn’t need pressure washing


  • This may require a few uses before it can get rid of the more heavy stains

Additional Specs

Sealed or unsealedUnsealed
Type of cleanerAcid based cleaner
Stain Typeefflorescence based
Quantity1-5 gallon bottle

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  • Multi Surface Cleaner for Any Flooring Finish - It’s an effective laminate floor cleaner, grout cleaner for tile floors, marble cleaner, concrete cleaner, vinyl floor cleaner, bathroom tile cleaner, marble floor cleaner, and granite and stone cleaner.
  • Tough on Grime and Odor - This all-around surface cleaner works on gym floor tiles, garage tiles, and ceramic floor tile, removing dirt buildup and foul smell. Our floor cleaner liquid is also great for engineered, marmoleum, and linoleum installations.
  • Highly Concentrated for Extra Value - Our multi purpose cleaner and tile floor cleaner concentrate allows for mixing up to 128 gallons of floor cleaning solution. A truly cost-efficient concrete floor cleaner!

A pH neutral cleaner can be used on a wide range of surfaces without causing damage. It can be used on sealed and unsealed concrete surfaces, whereas most concrete cleaners are designed for unsealed.

This will freshen up floors making them look brand new again, but it will also add long-term stain resistance. So the next time you spill something on your concrete surfaces, it won’t immediately stain and will be easy to cleaner up due to the protective layer.

This is a concentrated product and comes in a 1-gallon bottle. Don’t let its small size fool you, this will last you a while as you dilute 1 ounce of this product into a gallon of water.

This is a non-toxic, eco-friendly, and biodegradable formula, which makes this safe for use in any environment, even if you have small children and pets.

This product has been designed to get rid of odors as well, the synthesized formula targets those bad smells caused by dirt at the source, even on heavily soiled surfaces. This has a pleasant lavender smell. So not only will your home look great, it will smell fresh too.

Not only can you deep clean your concrete, but this is fantastic for most other surfaces, including cleaning your toilet, linoleum, tiles, vinyl, ceramic, cement, Marmoleum, stained concrete, and many other types of house flooring.


  • works on all surfaces
  • Long term stain resistance
  • Removes stains and odors
  • pH neutral cleaner so safe for all surfaces
  • An cost effective well-concentrated formula that isn’t toxic


  • This isn’t designed for unsealed concrete
  • Strong fragrance
  • Can be streaky

Additional Specs

Sealed or unsealedBoth
Type of cleanerpH neutral
Eco-FriendlyNon-toxic and biodegradable
Stain TypeA variety of tough stains and dirt
Quantity128 ounces

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  • ECO Friendly and Powerful Oil Stain Removing Product, TerminatorHSD breaks down and dissolves the oil into naturally occurring by products of CO2 and water, Other products may lift the oil but the oil is rinsed down the drain or into sewers and retention ponds that will cause environmental problems for your community
  • Large Stains Removed, The powder can be spread on large stains with ease, Other products take too much product to treat large surface area stains
  • Removes Oil Stains From, Concrete, Asphalt, Pavers, Driveways, Streets, Garages, Parking Lots and Removes Stains of, Oil, Grease, Any Hydrocarbon based stain

This is one of those natural concrete cleaning products for oily stains within your concrete, you don’t need to use any protective equipment, just time and patience.

This product is entirely natural and risk-free. Its effectiveness comes from the microbes it contains, these will feed on the petroleum compounds. This concrete cleaner works on concrete, asphalt, and even porous stone.

Though it won’t help with efflorescence or animal grease.

If you have any oil, fuel, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid, or fuel stains on your concrete, then this is a great choice.

Its designed to remove petroleum compounds, which includes fuels, solvents, oils and hydraulic fluid. This is ideal for the concrete at gas stations.

To use this, all you need to do is sprinkle the powdery substance over the affected areas and then mist lightly with water. I suggest using a spray bottle and not using your garden hose as you only need a small amount of moisture.

Then let those microbes get to work; they will slowly eat away the oily stain for a few days. Every once in a while, re-mist the area with some water to keep the microbes going. There’s no need for scrubbing, just sweep the area after a couple of days and repeat the process until the stain is gone.

This product contains two pounds of product in a single bottle.


  • This is a completely natural product. It’s full of microbes which will eat the petroleum and any hydrocarbon-based stains away
  • No need for elbow grease
  • Doesn’t require pressure washing


  • It takes a long time to completely remove stains.

Additional Specs

Sealed or unsealedUnsealed
Type of cleanerAlkaline degreaser
Stain TypePetroleum-based
Quantity10 ounces

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  • APPLY AND WALK AWAY - This natural and safe cleaner takes the work out of cleaning! The cleaners will keep eating and breaking down the stain for up to two weeks, allowing you to use the area normally!
  • SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Safe around people, animals, plants. Will not remove paint or damage the surface.
  • 100% GUARANTEED - Backed by Amazon A to Z guarantee. Made in USA. USDA Certified. EPA testing guidelines. 2.5lbs. covers 250sqft.

This is an amazing concrete cleaner than goes a long way. Not just because it can cover up to 50 square feet from only eight ounces of product, but because it’s incredibly versatile. It cleans up concrete, but that’s not all.

This can clean pavers, ceramic, wood, metal, marble, plastic and other surfaces. While being eco-friendly. It works on a tough surface, but is safe around humans, plants and pets.

This is a bacterial cleaner, it’s a powdery substance that contains microbes. These microbes will feed on substances such as petroleum-based stains like hydraulic fluid, oils, antifreeze, grease, they’ll also handle mold, mildew, chewing gum, even pet waste.

This is quick and easy to apply, and requires no scrubbing at all. Just apply a small amount of product to the stain, use a soft bristled broom and brush in opposite directs to distribute the product. Mist the area with water until the cleaner is damp. The cleaner will dissipate removing stains and contaminants, these are literally eaten away. Voila! you have clean concrete again.

This is so good that it’s hugely popular in the gas industry.

This product comes in a 2.5 pound container, which covers around 250 square feet.


  • Eco friendly formula
  • Cleans up a huge range of stains
  • Works on a lot of surfaces
  • Easy to use. No scrubbing or rinsing required
  • Doesn’t require pressure washing


  • It takes a lot of time for this product to work its magic
  • Expensive

Additional Specs

Sealed or unsealedUnsealed
Type of cleanerNot specified
Stain TypeA huge variety
QuantityEight ounces

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concrete cleaner comparison chart

Product NameVolumeBest Suited ForWorks On
RMR-86 Stain Remover Spray1 galUnsealed/sealed concreteMold, Mildew, algae stains
Black Diamond Stoneworks Concrete Floor Cleaner32 fl. oz.Stone, Polished concreteGeneral dirt
Zep Professional Heavy-Duty Powdered Concrete Cleaner40 lbsUnsealed/sealed concreteGeneral dirt, Oil
Zep Pressure Washer Cleaner20 galUnsealed/sealed concreteOil, Grime
Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser1 galUnsealed/sealed concreteGrease, Grime
Eco-Etch Pro Concrete Etcher and Cleaner1 galUnsealed concreteEfflorescence, Lime, Rust
Sheiner’s Floor Concentrate Cleaner Concentrate1 galSealed concrete, Indoor flooringGeneral dirt
Terminator-HSD Eco Removes Oil & Grease Stains on Concrete2 lbsUnsealed concrete, AsphaltHydrocarbon stains – Oil, Grease
ACT Concrete Cleaner Eco Removes Oil Grease Mildew Stains2.5 lbsUnsealed concreteOil, Grease, Animal Waste, Mold

FAQ About Concrete Cleaners

1. What is efflorescence, is it harmful, and how to get rid of it?

Efflorescence is one of the most common issues that people face with their concrete driveways, patios, or footpaths. It’s really easy to identify, it’s the white powder on unsealed concrete or a white blush on sealed floors.

The problem with Efflorescence is that it can appear out of nowhere, what’s happened is that water has risen to surface from within the concrete slab, and as the water vapor evaporates away, the salts are left behind. These white streaks you see are caused by a sort of salt, a mineral that exists in most modern concrete.

Normally a build-up of efflorescence will simply wear away, you can even sandblast it away, but there are times when it can be rather stubborn. So if you’ve tried to wash it away with your pressure washer and it’s not helping, then your concrete may need treatment from an acidic cleaner to remove the salt deposits.

However, if you aren’t bothered by the white residue, then leave it be. It causes no harm, and efflorescence can’t hurt the structural integrity of your concrete, it’s entirely an aesthetic problem. However, it can indicate high moisture levels.

2. What do I need to know before cleaning efflorescence with muriatic acid?

If you’ve been dealing with a build-up of efflorescence for a while, then you most likely have come across muriatic acid when you’ve been doing your research. If not, then you may know it as an acid that can be used to unclog blocked drains.

This is a powerful acid traditionally used to rid concrete of the white powdery substance, but today you can use milder and much easier to handle acidic products that are just as effective.

Muriatic acid is the strongest acid that you can get commercially, but because of how strong it is, you should be very careful if you chose to use muriatic acid on your own.

Keep a spray bottle nearby, which has a mix of water and baking soda when you are working with muriatic acid. Baking soda can be used to quickly neutralize the acid, should anything go awry. Use half a cup of baking soda for every one quart of water for the best results.

Personally, I suggest using a professional instead of using muriatic yourself.

3. Can I use bleach to clean concrete?

Yeah you can. Just mix some household bleach with water to clean your concrete. This will remove mold, mildew, dirt and grime. It’s not a complete stain removal option, but it does a good job.

Combine this with a scrubber for some deep cleaning. Any embedded dirt or odors will be removed. Just never mix bleach with other chemicals, as this can lead to toxic gases.

Bare in mind that this isn’t the most eco friendly concrete cleaner.

4. Can you use Chlorine to Clean Concrete

Similar to the above about bleach, you can use chlorine bleach to clean your concrete. Again though, don’t mix this with different cleaners or other chemicals. Again, this isn’t the most echo friendly concrete cleaner.

4. Can I spray concrete cleaner with my pressure washer like soap?

No. Most concrete cleaners are very different when compared to a vinyl siding shampoo or any other pressure washer soap. These aren’t designed to bubble or foam up.

Acidic, alkaline, and enzymatic or bacterial cleaners are all different in how they achieve their results, but none of them should come into contact with your pressure washer soap tank, and they certainly shouldn’t go through your pressure washers pump as this may cause serious and permanent damage.

Instead, you should apply these chemicals by hand and then bring your pressure washer in later to rinse these chemicals away.

6. Does Dawn dish soap remove oil from concrete

Yes, believe it or not, this is a very common and safe way to remove oil stains from concrete. Just mix your dish soap with hot water and scrub the surface with a stiff bristle brush. It does a fairly good cleaning job for removing oil stains.

7. Does WD-40 Remove oil stains from concrete

While, yes WD-40 does remove grease stains. It’s not as effective as other cleaning solutions. Especially if the stain is old, we really don’t recommend you use WD-40 on these as it won’t work very well. Though you can always try.

Just spray the stain, wait 30 minutes and scrub with a brush, then sprinkle over some cat litter to absorb any excess.

8. Does Coca-Cola Remove oil stains from concrete

Coke is acidic so yeah, it’s rather effective on oil stains. Just pour over a few cans of room temperate coke, let it sit for around a day and then blot with some old towels.

Wrap Up with some Clean Concrete

No one wants to see stained, marked, scuffed up and dirty concrete, even more so if you are selling your house, have guests or have just spring cleaned your home.

Fortunately concrete is rather easy to clean, even more so when you use one of the best concrete cleaners on the market.

Do keep in mind the type of concrete, when its unsealed or sealed. Again, pay attention to the ingredients and the versatility and get the best concrete cleaner for your home.

We’ve covered how concrete cleaners work, the different types of concrete cleaners and what works best for different surfaces and dirt/stains.

We’ve no doubt that you’ll find the right product in our concrete cleaner reviews. If you have any questions or you want to share your own experiences and knowledge, please leave a comment below!

Best Concrete Cleaners of 2022 – (Reviews & Guide)

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