10 Best Laser Measuring Tools – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Dragging a tape measure across a room for a “close enough” measurement is a thing of the past. The best laser measuring tools are incredibly accurate, usually to 1/16″ and give you an instant measurement with a simple touch of a button.

Now don’t confuse these with a laser level, which produces a reference line within a space. These are for accurately measuring open spaces, say for example you need to measure a space in your yard for a shed, or a log store, you could use a tape measure, or you could use one of the best laser measures to ensure accurate measurements before you go away to draw up plans.

In these unbiased laser measuring tools reviews, I’ll take you through the best models on the market, and I’ve also put together a guide, so you know what to look for, so you get the best option for your needs.

Leica 838725 DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red, 1.7 x 1 x 4.6 inches

Leica DISTO D2 Laser Measuring Tool

  • Range: 330-ft (100m)
  • Accuracy: ± 1/16 In.
  • Display: Back-lit
  • Memory: 10 measurements
  • Protection (IP) Rating: IP54
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DEWALT Laser Measure Tool/Distance Meter, 165-Feet (DW03050)

DEWALT DW03050 Laser Measuring Tool

  • Range: 165-ft (50m)
  • Accuracy: ± 1/16 In.
  • Display: Back-lit
  • Memory: 5 measurements
  • Protection (IP) Rating: IP65
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Bosch Blaze Pro GLM165-40 165ft Laser Distance Measure with Color Backlit Display

Bosch Blaze Pro 165' Laser Distance Measure GLM165-40

  • Range: 165-ft (50m)
  • Accuracy: ± 1/16 In.
  • Display: Back-lit
  • Memory: 10 measurements
  • Protection (IP) Rating: IP54
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Fluke 424DFactory Reconditioned Laser Distance Meter - 100M/330Ft Max

Fluke 424D Laser Distance Meter

  • Range: 330-ft (100m)
  • Accuracy: ± 1/25 In.
  • Display: Back-lit
  • Memory: 30 measurements
  • Protection (IP) Rating: IP54
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SUAOKI S9 198ft Portable Laser Distance Measure, Laser Measure with 2 Bubble Levels,Pythagorean Mode and Area, Volume Calculation and Range Finder/Digital Tape Measure

Suaoki S9 Laser Measuring Tool

  • Range: 198-ft (60m)
  • Accuracy: ± 1/16 In.
  • Display: Back-lit
  • Memory: 20 measurements
  • Protection (IP) Rating: IP54
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  • Range: 196-ft (60m)
  • Accuracy: ± 1/16 In.
  • Display: Back-lit
  • Memory: 20 measurements
  • Protection (IP) Rating: IP54
ieGeek Laser Distance Measure, 131ft Handheld M/in/Ft Laser Distance Meter Measuring Device Laser Tape Measure Rangefinder, Pythagorean Mode/Measure Area Volume Capacity/LCD Display/Self-Calibration

ieGeek Laser Measuring Tool

  • Range: 131-ft (40m)
  • Accuracy: ± 1/16 In.
  • Display: Back-lit
  • Memory: 30 measurements
  • Protection (IP) Rating: IP54
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UNI-T LD40 Digital Laser Distance Meter 40 Meters 131 feet Range Finder Measure Diastimeter

UNI-T LD40 Laser Measuring Tool

  • Range: 196-ft (60m)
  • Accuracy: ± 1/16 In.
  • Display: Back-lit
  • Memory: 30 measurements
  • Protection (IP) Rating:
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Stanley STHT77138X Laser Distance Measurer TLM99

Stanley STHT77138X Laser Measuring Tool

  • Range: 100-ft (30m)
  • Accuracy: ± 3/32 In.
  • Display: Back-lit
  • Memory: 5 measurements
  • Protection (IP) Rating:
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DMiotech 131ft 40m Mini Handheld Laser Digital Distance Meter Rangefinder Measure Tape Diastimeter Red with Tripod

DMiotech Laser Measuring Tool

  • Range: 131-ft (40m)
  • Accuracy: ± 1/16 In.
  • Display: Back-lit
  • Memory: 20 measurements
  • Protection (IP) Rating:
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Best Laser Measuring Tools Reviews

On Sale - 25% off Leica 838725 DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red, 1.7 x 1 x 4.6 inches
  • This unit contains a Class II Laser with 1mW output
  • 1/16" accuracy and up to 330 foot measuring range. Measuring units-0.000 m, 0.00 ft, 0'00" 1/16, 0 in 1/16. Measurements per set of batteries-up to 10000
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for transferring measurements into desired software

This laser measurer has an accuracy of 1/16 of an inch, so you will get precise measurements, measurements that will be more accurate than what you will get from your tape measure.

To make your work easier, you can store up to 10 measurements, so large jobs can be handled quickly without having to scribble down information every few minutes.

I love the Bluetooth connectivity of this. You can quickly move measurements from the tool to your smartphone (or another device), via the dedicated DISTO Sketch app.

This comes with a handy flip-out feature, that allows you to take measurements from edges and corners easily, the measurements and calculations are clearly displayed on the easy to read screen.


  • The laser measure has an ergonomic and comfortable grip that will keep it fit securely in the hand
  • The Leica Disto D2 New is made to be dustproof for easier use around busy construction sites
  • It comes with an impressive 330-feet/100-meter measuring range
  • Bluetooth for easy data transfer to free DISTO Sketch app


  • Some people have faced a problem reading the fractions in the decimal mode. Most of the factions are barely visible
  • The red dot is hard to see under daylight

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  • Digital tap measure tool calculates area and volume automatic calculations make job estimates quick and easy
  • Indirect height measurement of the laser tape measure tool uses Pythagoras to measure distances even when point A and/or point B isn't accessible for linear measurement
  • Memory unit of laser measuring device stores last 5 measurements

DeWalt has been putting lasers on their tools for a long time, to cover things such as the cut line and drill points, I love this feature on my mitre saw.

This is a solid model, but a bit of a brick, and by that I mean this isn’t light, it comes in at 2.2 pounds. This is a rugged tool that’s been tested to withstand construction environments. It’s also tested to handle a drop of six feet.

It’s incredibly accurate at 1/16 of an inch to a range of 165 feet.


  • Rugged design
  • Stores last five measurements
  • Automatic area calculation
  • Uses standard AAA batteries (included)


  • 50-meter/165-foot range
  • Displays less information
  • Stores fewer measurements
  • Weighs as much as a brick

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On Sale - 11% off Bosch Blaze Pro GLM165-40 165ft Laser Distance Measure with Color Backlit Display
  • ACCURACY: This fully featured and powerful laser measurer features long range measuring with extreme accuracy and measures distances up to 165 ft. to within 1/16 inch, for professional confidence
  • EASY-TO-USE: Simple, easy to use one button operation starts by pressing button once to begin measuring; The GLM165-40 is compact enough to fit in any pocket; Features a backlit color display that allows measurements to be easily read, even in dark areas
  • CONVENIENT: Provides default real time measurement that adjusts as you move closer and farther from target, just like a tape measure, plus it has 10 measurement memory to keep track of distances

Bosch creates fantastic tools, so any purchase of a Bosch is a solid investment, one which comes with a fan base, Bosch has a community of its users, which is fantastic but also goes to show how good their tools are.

This isn’t a feature-rich model, but it does give you exactly what you need at a reasonable price. It’s also well-sized so easy to slip into your pocket when you aren’t using it.

It has an accuracy of ± 1/16 Inch, which is amazing, it also has a great feature that lets you use it as a regular tape measure, you simply point it at the target and move backward away from it, and it’ll continue to increase the reading as you move.

This is perfect for a DIYer or a small contractor.


  • Great value
  • Sturdy design
  • Excellent accuracy of ± 1/16 inch
  • Easy one-hand operation
  • Area and volume calculation capable


  • 120-foot range
  • Less robust design
  • Three measurement memory

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  • Reduction of estimation errors
  • Range: 80m/260ft
  • Max range: 100m (330ft)

This laser measure is the best measuring tool for a contractor or a professional thanks to some distinct advantages that make it ideal for a job site.

This is a rugged laser measure, able to withstand harsh conditions. It has a large easy to read screen with a minimalist keyboard, which I found easy to learn and use.

This last level has an impressive range, being able to measure up to 330 feet, which is one of the longest ranges of any laser measuring tool. While that’s impressive, what stands out is the accuracy. This can deliver an accuracy of 1/25 of an inch, even at the maximum reach of its range.

If you are in the business of building things, this is an invaluable feature to you.

This tool also allows you to make your calculations right on it, this is a huge time saver, no duplicating of data, and you can save up to 20 measurements at any given time. This is the perfect tool for a professional contractor.


  • Large range
  • Very accurate
  • Lots of modes
  • Easy to read display
  • Easy to read and use controls
  • Large memory


  • Low IP rating

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This is a newcomer in the world of laser measures, but that doesn’t mean it’s not feature-packed.

The accuracy of this is impressive at ± 1/16 Inch with a range of 198-ft (60m), that’s perfect for DIYers and professionals alike.

It possesses the Pythagoras function for height and the triangular area built-in, and it can store up to 20 measurements. You can also change the reference point from the front and rear of the tool, which can be incredibly handy.

There is a drawback, the controls aren’t very intuitive and can be difficult to use and it doesn’t perform well in direct sunlight.


  • Easy-to-read display
  • Rugged housing
  • Many measurement modes
  • Shockproof, water and dirt-resistant 


  • Controls are confusing for some
  • Unit resets to metric units upon shutdown
  • Some may have trouble seeing the laser in direct sunlight

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Tacklife has been knocking out some cracking tools, and this is no exception to that. This provides incredible precision ± 1/16 Inch with a range of 198-ft (60m) and offers the ability to store up to 20 measurements on the device.

You can change the measurement reference point from the front or the rear of the laser measure. It also has built-in functions covering l automatic area/volume calculations, Pythagoras function, self-calibration, and continuous measurement.

It doesn’t perform very well in direct sunlight, but other than that, this is a good device for quick measurements.


  • IP54 waterproof and dust-proof material 
  • Large LCD screen displays four lines and is backlit for improved visibility
  • Huge range of features to help simplify calculations
  • Allows you to mute the beep 


  • Laser accuracy and measuring range might weaken in sunlight 

  • ▲HIGH ACCURACY: Wide measuring range from 0.05 to 40m, high accuracy measuring +/-2mm, multi-unit selection of meter, inch and feet. (Please check page 3 on the user manual for Unit Setting.) Self-calibration accuracy from -9 to 9 mm. ieGeek laser measure is bubble level designed for more accurate.
  • ▲MULTIPLE MEASURE MODES: Area, distance, volume, continuous measure, addition and subtraction, indirect Pythagoras Measurement, a great laser distance measurer kit.
  • ▲WATERPROOF & LARGE LCD WITH BACK LIGHT: IP54 waterproof level feature protects the laser meter to the maximum extent. The dust-proof digital laser distance measuring tool comes with large 4 line LCD display with back light for increased visibility in low-light conditions.

This laser level from ieGeek does a great job of estimating and calculating any distance, volume, or area. It provides you all you need for a quick architectural assessment. It also features a self-calibration accuracy from -9 to 9 mm.

The laser itself is very bright, which makes it easy to target the laser. You also get a large LCD backlit screen.

It’s got a non-slip cover specifically around the edges, which enables a comfortable grip. It’s dustproof and has an IP54 water resistance rating.

The bubble level, however, is too small to be useful.


  • Really bright laser light that provides accurate and unwavering distance range and measurements 
  • Durable, non-slip design 
  • Fast, responsive keys 


  • Bubble level is very small 

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This laser measure from UNI-T allows you to store up to 30 measurements at any given time; that’s a huge amount of memory.

There is a drawback to the design if you are in measuring mode and you press the off button, you power off the unit. However, if you are in the memory mode, you’ll clear the memory, this can cause accidental deletions of your measurements.

It’s large LCD back-lit, the multi-line display gives you clear readings.

The laser doesn’t do too well in direct sunlight.


  • The device also features a leveling component on its side 
  • Provides continuous measurement function 
  • Comes with Pythagorean and additive functions 


  • The memory function requires getting used to 
  • Not a strong laser beam 

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  • Stanley - Black & Decker, Calculated distance, area and volume
  • Continuous measurement tracking function
  • Addition/Subtraction

You get an accuracy of ± 1/16 Inch. I really liked it’s addition and subtraction feature that helps you to make quick calculations.

The continuous measurement tracking function works well as a tape measure.

Don’t expect too much from this model; it’s fairly basic in features but is perfect for a DIYer.

While you can save up to 5 measurements, you can only see one at a time.


  • Gives you high precision and accuracy 
  • Saves time by simplifying tedious calculations quickly 
  • Performs well for the price it comes at 


  • Flawed memory function 
  • Not as advanced as the others 

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I love the autocorrect and error report functions you get with this Laser measuring tool from DMiotech. You also get an indirect measurement using the Pythagorean theorem and a one-button operative function for measuring distance, area, and volume.

This is a lightweight model with a fantastic backlit LCD screen that’s fairly large.

It has an accuracy of ± 1/16 Inch, and you can store up to 20 measurements in this tool. The min/max feature of this tool gives you continuous display while you also get the current value simultaneously on the screen for reference.

However, the units are limited to decimal meters, inches with fractions, decimal feet, feet/inches, though Decimal inches, which might be required in architectural drawings are not available.

This also doesn’t work so well in direct sunlight.


  • A nice and simplistic design and approach 
  • Provides almost all the necessary functions 
  • Saves a lot of time thanks to certain useful features 


  • Hard to hold steady 
  • The laser doesn’t work well in full daylight 

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Laser Measuring Tools Buyer’s Guide

Let’s admit it; laser measuring tools have a cool factor. But that isn’t enough to justify investing in one. You should have a genuine need to buy one, so for people like painters, wallpapers, kitchen and interior designs, HVAC contractors, salespeople, realtors, and anyone who needs to take accurate measurements quickly should invest in a laser measure.

You should look for a model that is as accurate as possible. You want reliable results every time you use it.

For a DIYer or a small contractor, then these tools are a great way to up your measuring game. These are fast and accurate. One thing I loved and was a game-changer for me is that they are a one-person tool; they completely eliminated the frustration of using a traditional tape measure.

There’s nothing more annoying that a tape measure pinging back at you, falling off of what you had it attached to or collapsing as you attempt to span a distance unsupported.


You should never compromise on quality, and that’s true, especially for a laser measurer. Make sure you go for a certified class II laser product.

Ease of use

The more modes that a laser tool has, the more controls it has. Which leads to a more complicated tool. So with fewer modes, the simpler it is to use.

If you don’t need all the extra fancy models for spatial sizing, then I suggest opting for a simpler model, this will ensure that you can use the tool quickly and easier without having to figure out exactly what you are looking for and how to use it.

If you do need all those different measurement modes, I suggest getting a model with an easy to read display, so the instructions are clear on how to work each mode.

That way, there are no headaches when you use it.


The amount of memory your tool has will define how many different measurements that you are going to be taking in a given period.

The majority of laser measures will how around five different measurements, and this is usually enough for your home handyman.

If, however, you are a general contractor, then it’s worth spending a bit more to get a model that has a larger memory. This will ensure that you can take all the measurements you need in one fell swoop, which will save time.

Bluetooth compatibility

Bosch Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measure With Color Backlit Display Glm 50 C

Following on from memory is Bluetooth compatibility, I know, you’re wondering, “why would I need Bluetooth?”. This is actually a convenient feature, but it does tend to tack on a bit of cost.

The way Bluetooth works with a laser measure is that you connect the tool to a Bluetooth capable device such as a tablet or phone, and then you can record those measurements directly into those devices. This cuts down on the need for excessive memory to hold your measurements and to means you can keep your measurements organized by project, reducing paperwork onsite/after a client visit.


The range of your laser tool basically describes how far it can reach while still providing an accurate measurement. The absolute bare minimum that a good laser tool should offer is about 100 feet. This is enough for most small jobs, especially if you are a homeowner who’s used to using a tape measure, then this will provide plenty of range.


Best Laser Measure For Construction

This has to be the most important feature to look for, no matter the size of the job you are undertaking, you need your measurements to be as accurate as possible.

I suggest spending that little bit more to get the tool that has a better accuracy rating, otherwise why even get the tool in the first place?

A laser measuring tool’s accuracy can be affected in several ways. They’ll be less accurate when you exceed their range limit, and under less than ideal conditions, such as hot and humid days, the beam can, unfortunately, run into interference from the water vapor in the air.

Though some models will work better than others in adverse conditions.


The display on the laser measuring tool should be clear to read. This doesn’t mean that from a distance you can see the numbers, what I mean by this is that you can clearly see the labels and whatever information is being displayed in an easy to digest fashion.

For instance, you should be able to quickly look and see what mode the laser measure is set to at all types, what each type of measurement is being taken at any time. Otherwise, you are going to have a hard time taking measurements, and perhaps needing to redo the set if you are taking spatial type measurements.

Measurement modes

Laser Measuring Tool Measurement Modes

One of the great benefits you get from a laser measure rather than a tape measure is that a laser measure can be used in a range of different modes. These modes make it much easier to measure not just in a straight line, but in other ways.

So, how many measurement modes do you need? Well, that depends on the type of work you intend to do. IF you only need straight line measurements, then one or two modes would be fine. But if you need to work out the volume, area, circumference, or any other type of spatial reasoning, then the more modes your tool can do, the better.

Inside or outside use

regardless of if you are going to use this inside or out, you need to think about the type of environment that this laser measuring tool is going to be used within. Is there going to be any change of water? What about dust? You need to ensure that you pick a laser measure that’s IP rated sufficiently to cover the type of environment you are working within.

If you pick one with a high enough rating, you won’t have to worry at all.

Also if you are using this outdoors, you need to pick one that’s powerful enough to be used outdoors, unlike indoor use only models, the outdoors throw a whole new set of variables into the mix which will affect the performance of your laser measurer. The more powerful and advanced versions will be powerful enough to deal with the outdoors.

Laser Measure Tools FAQs

Is the laser beam harmful to our eyes?

Class II lasers are classed as being safe to work with, though it is advised to never look directly into the source of the laser beam.

What are the best target surfaces for laser measuring tool?

Anything that’s smooth, solid, and having an opaque color (so not a window) can be used as a target surface. If you do need to measure to a window, place a bit of tape onto the window to target. Though you can purchase specific target surfaces for those situations.

As long as the surface isn’t transparent, it should work fine.

Does the accuracy of a laser measurer remain constant over a certain distance?

As long as you use the laser within the stated distance, the accuracy will remain constant. Also, contrary to people’s believes, it doesn’t get more accurate. The closer you are to the object.

Your laser measure is designed to work within it’s set range, and it will be accurate within that range.

Do I Need A Handheld Model Or A Tripod-Mountable Tool?

For the most part, no, a handheld model is perfect for most people; however, if you need to take complex measurements, then a tripod can be incredibly handy.

Can I Measure In All Directions?

Most lasers are designed to measure the distance from the tool itself to wherever the laser beam lands.

Some laser measure tools are capable of also taking height measurements without you climbing up a ladder and aiming at the floor.

If you do this regularly, then a model that features a vertical measurement feature is a must.

If I Accidentally Drop My Tool In Water, Will It Still Work?

Some will work perfectly well as long as you quickly remove them from the water. Others, however, will instantly stop working.

Many tools are designed to be water and dust resistant. This will help protect the delicate electronics inside, but only for short term exposure, this is not the same as being waterproof.

Your model will clearly state exactly what level of protection it provides.

Best Laser Measuring Tools Comparison Chart

PRODUCTRangeAccuracyDisplayMemoryProtection Rating
Leica DISTO D2 Laser Measuring Tool330-ft (100m)± 1/16 In.Back-lit10 measurementsIP54
DEWALT DW03050 Laser Measuring Tool165-ft (50m)± 1/16 In.Back-lit5 measurementsIP65
Bosch Blaze Pro 165' Laser Distance Measure GLM165-40165-ft (50m)± 1/16 In.Back-lit10 measurementsIP54
Fluke 424D Laser Distance Meter330-ft (100m)± 1/25 In.Back-lit30 measurementsIP54
Suaoki S9 Laser Measuring Tool198-ft (60m)± 1/16 In.Back-lit20 measurementsIP54
196-ft (60m)± 1/16 In.Back-lit20 measurementsIP54
ieGeek Laser Measuring Tool131-ft (40m)± 1/16 In.Back-lit30 measurementsIP54
UNI-T LD40 Laser Measuring Tool196-ft (60m)± 1/16 In.Back-lit30 measurements
Stanley STHT77138X Laser Measuring Tool100-ft (30m)± 3/32 In.Back-lit
DMiotech Laser Measuring Tool131-ft (40m)± 1/16 In.Back-lit20 measurements

Wrap Up

Using a laser measuring tool to measure spaces for the various jobs I have on my never-ending list was a game-changer, and I hope that my buyer’s guide and reviews have helped you find the best laser measuring tool for your needs.

If you think there’s another option for the best laser measure or you have any questions, please drop me a comment in the comments section below.

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