DeWalt DW088K Cross Line Laser Level: Great Value at An Unbeatable Price

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When you are looking for a heavy duty, site ready laser level, then there is no bigger American brand name than DeWalt.

With almost a century of creating high-quality products, this is the brand I turn to when I’m looking for a tool and DeWalt caters specifically for professionals.

If you are in the market for a laser level that is both versatile and compact. And you also want something that is both accurate, and user-friendly, then the DeWalt DW088K Cross Line Laser Level may be just what you need.

Rugged Construction

DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Cross Line, Red Beam (DW088K)

The DeWalt DW088K is a tough piece of equipment made of durable plastic and thick rubber.

This unit can survive the wear and tear of everyday construction site use with aplomb. The unit has been placed inside an over-molded plastic composite enclosure to ensure its survival, even in harsh conditions. 

The unit is one of the most affordable laser levels in its category in spite of being tough and durable. Thanks to its rugged rubber and durable plastic design, there is no need to worry about the ingress of dust and other foreign matter.

Unit Features

DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Cross Line, Red Beam (DW088K)

While the unit is not completely water resistant, but it does have splash protection.  Despite its affordable price tag, many users have attested to the toughness and durability of this tool. 

The DeWalt DW088K laser level has a simple and straightforward interface for ease of operation.

It has a push button control system that helps to toggle the vertical and horizontal lines. Its duel lasers are capable of being used separately or in conjunction. 

It is also equipped with a  self-leveling feature that is fully automated and it cannot be disabled. 

It is different from other similar laser levels because this model has its positioning mount fully integrated into its tool enclosure. Such a setup has its own pros and cons.

It can be a great advantage if you are absent-minded and prone to losing various bits and pieces and spare parts. Alternately, it can turn out to be a major drawback if you are in the habit of opting for various custom mounting setups. 

However, this should not be all that much of a problem because the positioning mount does not get in the way. And the enclosure accepts standard 1/4-inch threads.

These can be very useful for mounting the device on a monopod, tripod, or even a custom mount. In fact, I would recommend using a mounting option to ensure that the level always remains well…level.

How Does it Work?

This laser level works by projecting very bright ( for an indoor environment) horizontal and vertical lines that crisscross each other, for many different layout and leveling applications.

Dewalt De0892 Detector For Dw088/089 Lasers

The device works best with the DW0892 line laser detector that can easily extend the DeWalt DW088K Cross-Line Laser Level range up till 165 feet, even in ambient daylight.

It is an extremely user-friendly machine. It has only 2 buttons with which you can operate the vertical and horizontal laser beams, effectively making it a cinch to operate.  The crisscrossing laser beams produce a crisp image that is very accurate so that there is no need for multiple readings.

Since the instrument is self-leveling, this saves a lot of time. The device uses an internal pendulum in order to ascertain the true plumb and level lines.

This setup is as is precise as it is accurate. In fact, it is possible to place the tool up to four degrees out of level, and it will still not affect its accuracy.

If the DeWalt DW088K Cross-Line Laser Level is out of self-leveling range, its lasers will start blinking rapidly. This feature has been incorporated to inform the user that the level is out of sync and needs to be adjusted.

In case you bump into it or move it for any reason,  it only takes around three to four seconds or so, to adjust it back to its normal range.

Pro Tip

DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Cross Line, Red Beam (DW088K)

If you want to use this laser level at extended ranges than don’t forget to mate it with a receiver/detector unit.  As a standalone device, its range does not exceed 100 feet. And even that is for indoor use alone.

If your leveling works takes you outdoors then the unit might not be your best choice as a standalone appliance.

This is because its range does not go beyond 30 to 50 feet in full daylight. And even that is dependent on weather conditions.

Special Features

The DeWalt DW088K Cross-Line Laser Level has certain unique features that are not available in most other popular laser levels available today. Some of them include the following:

  • It is capable of self-Leveling up to 4°.  This is an ideal range for quick and easy set-up and subsequent operation
  • If you throw in a receiver/ detector unit, you will be able to extend the device’s range up to 165 feet
  • It is equipped with a fully integrated magnetic base. This base is perfect for setting up the unit for metal framing and  suspended ceiling jobs
  • It has a handy low battery indicator that will inform you in case you are running out of juice
  • It is made of very thick glass and heavy-duty molded housing  
  • It will maintain its zero even under demanding job site conditions
  • Class 2 laser with total output power of >/= 1.3mW @ 630-680nm
  • Works with any standard 4.5 volts AA Zinc Chloride batteries


DeWalt offers a limited three-year warranty with this product. The warranty includes any defects due to workmanship and/or faulty materials.

However, this warranty will not cover any component failures that might have been caused by the normal wear and tear of the device or any tool abuse.

Available Accessories

Since the DeWalt DW088K already includes a positioning mount as part of the unit, you will not need to purchase an external upgraded mount for this device. This integrated mount also includes powerful magnets that will hold it steady in case you want to mount the unit on to a metal surface.

In case you are working in an external environment, it might be a good idea to pick up a tripod for speedy adjustments between different locations as well as additional versatility.

Due to the position of the unit’s mounting threads,  you can’t randomly pick and use any commercially available mount. 

There are, however, a few tripods that have been specifically listed as being fully compatible with this device.

DEWALT Laser Tripod with Tilting Head (DW0881T) , Black

They include the DeWalt DW0881 tripod that extends from its lowest height of 24 inches up to 69 inches. There is also another more rugged option.

DEWALT Heavy Duty Tripod (DW0737)

The DeWalt DW0737 tripod. This is a tough, heavy-duty option that can start from 38 inches and goes up to 60 inches.

​However, the single most important accessory that you will need for your DeWalt DW088K laser level is its own receiver/ detector unit that I mentioned above. It is essential for any outdoor work during the daytime.

Mating the two units together is a sound idea if you are a contractor and you have to work on very large job sites. It is very difficult to find another laser level with such a long range within its given price bracket.

Finally, if you are really interested in using this unit outdoors for an extended period of time, you should seriously consider getting yourself a pair of red laser identification glasses. You can get DeWalt’s proprietary glasses or you can pick up any commercially available pair made by other manufacturers. 

Usage  Applications

The DeWalt DW088K laser level can be used for a variety of leveling and layout applications. Especially indoors where it can be a very handy tool for fixture and conduit positioning, tiling, ceiling installation, and installing flooring, and cabinetry. 

Most of these jobs can be handled comfortably enough within its 100 feet indoor threshold. This way, you will not require the optional receiver/detector unit to extend the range of the device.  

If you plan on using this device outdoors, then this nifty tool is would work well for many small build projects including door and window installation, stairways, and even porch and deck work. 

If you feel that the lines are a tad difficult to find in direct sunshine, then a pair of red laser identification glasses can do the trick.

Since the unit comes with an IP 54 rating,  you can use it in almost every environment.

DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Cross Line, Red Beam (DW088K) DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Cross Line, Red Beam (DW088K)
  • DEWALT laser level is durable and has over molded housing with a 1 meter drop rating
  • Laser level tool has patented integrated magnetic bracket
  • Self leveling laser level is water and debris resistant with an IP54 rating
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

What’s Included  in the Package

  • The DeWalt DW088K Cross-Line Laser Level
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • 3 AA Batteries
  • Acoustic ceiling mount


  • In terms of sheer value for money, this unit has few peers and hardly any superiors. It is very difficult to find another laser in this price range that gives a comparable range ( with a compatible receiver unit) as well as a full-time pulse mode.
  • The integrated positioning mount helps to simplify the whole setup process and also reduces the number of pieces and spare parts. After all, what you don’t have you can’t lose!
  • The good people at DeWalt will back up this laser level with a three-year limited warranty as well as a free service warranty for a 12 month period.


  • The laser lines might be hard to identify when working under direct sunshine.  This is why you will have to use laser goggles and/or a receiver unit in order to use this device at any exposed job sites.
  • There is no manual positioning option to mark the crisscrossing lines at your desired custom angles because the self-leveling option is pre-set on the “always on” position.


If you are after one of the best cross line laser levels on the market then you’ve found it in the DeWalt DW088K laser level.

Do note that this is a red laser level, I wrote an article about the differences between Red vs green laser levels and while this is an amazing laser level, I highly recommend the DEWALT DW0822LG Green laser line level.

DeWalt DW088K Cross Line Laser Level: Great Value at An Unbeatable Price