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So let me explain why this site (craftedgarage.com) links to Amazon.com and other country specific amazon market places

As you’ll see in the disclaimer from Amazon below, I am apart of the Amazon Associates program and it’s other country specific marketplaces. This program allows bloggers and website owners, like myself, to earn a small commission by referring people to the Amazon marketplace.

This means that if you visit Amazon through a link on craftedgarage.com and then purchase a product within a 24 hour window, I may receive a small commission.

The commission is calculated by Amazon as a percentage of the products sale price. For example if you purchase a $100 pressure washer through a link on this website (craftedgarage.com) I may receive between $4 and $8.

The reason this site (craftedgarage.com) chose to partner with Amazon is because Amazon has the widest select of products and often has the lowest of prices, as well as Free Shipping on most of their products including larger items such as pressure washers.

I chose to participate in affiliate program such as amazons, to help cover the costs associated in running a website such as Hosting, domain registration, CMS and CDN costs, the website is an outlet and let’s me learn more about items such as residential style pressure washers, as opposed to the industrial ones which I’ve spent many years dealing with.

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