Generac 6602 OneWash Review

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When I think about raw power, the first thing that comes to mind is Generac. Generac, a manufacturer of power generators, threw their hat into the pressure washer ring, and they did do it in halves. They went straight to the heavy-duty machines.

In this Generac 6602 onewash review, I’m going to answer all of the essential questions to do with this power washing unit, including its traits, pros and cons, and overall performance.

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Generac 6602 In Action

Generac is known for making powerful pressure washers, and the 6602 is no exception. This gas-powered power washer comes with a 212cc OHV engine, which is huge, it’s the largest in its class.

This engine is why this pressure washer can produce a maximum of 3100 pounds per square inch (PSI) at 2.8 gallons per minute (GPM) water flow rate. These figures combined give this power washer a total cleaning power of 8680, and for a residential pressure washer, that’s a massive number!

When you look at this pressure washer, you know straight away that Generac has been at this for a while, they know the business of power tools.

This unit has an industrial design, yet remains modern in style. This isn’t the lightest pressure washer, coming in at 76 pounds, but Generac have thought about that and mounted this onto two never-flat wheels to ease the transport of this as much as possible,

Generac 6602 OneWash 3,100 PSI, 2.8 GPM, 4-in-1 PowerDial, Gas Powered Pressure Washer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The engine itself is mounted in a horizontal position. Why? Because Generac thought about the ergonomics. Mounting in this direction means that you can easily access the hose connectors, and the oil changes are as simple as possible.

Need to store this unit? No worries, the handle folds down so that it takes up less space.

Generac 6602 OneWash 3,100 PSI, 2.8 GPM, 4-in-1 PowerDial, Gas Powered Pressure Washer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The 6602 model is equipped with a PowerDial. The PowerDial allows you to switch between 4 power modes, allowing you to reduce or increase the pressure that this pressure washer produces.

On top of that, you get 3 quick connect pressure washer nozzle tips, which you can modify the spray pattern with reducing the pressure further if required.

You get a 0-degree red nozzle, a 25-degree green nozzle, and the black soap nozzle.

Why do we care about reducing the power? Not all surfaces like to be punched in the face as concrete does, fencing and decking need a more gentle touch, so these sensitive surfaces benefit from reduced power. It means that they remain unharmed but get cleaned.

It makes this a very versatile power washer.

I mentioned you get a black soap nozzle, be a bit pointless to have that without somewhere to infuse the best pressure washer detergent, right?

Well, this model comes with a 0.75-gallon drainable detergent tank, so load up your favorite pressure washer soap and tackle all the stains regardless of the surface.

Generac 6602 OneWash 3,100 PSI, 2.8 GPM, 4-in-1 PowerDial, Gas Powered Pressure Washer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

While this is a heftier gas-powered washer, the lack of an electric cord means you can clean vast areas with ease, though you do need a water source.

With the 30 foot-long high-pressure hose, you reach any area that needs professional cleaning. The handle has a handy hook for storing the hose when it’s not in use.

Customer Support and Warranty Policy

Generac has a fantastic user-friendly website that is packed with tutorials on how to use all of their equipment, and as a company, they heavily insist on customer feedback. Worried about assembling this unit? Don’t be. Their website takes you through the entire assembly process.

The warranty, Generac offers a two-year warranty policy. The first year covers every part of the pressure washer. The second-year covers only the engine.

This is vastly above the industry standard.

What Is Generac 6602 Good For?

Generac 6602 OneWash 3,100 PSI, 2.8 GPM, 4-in-1 PowerDial, Gas Powered Pressure Washer (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Generac 6602 OneWash 3,100 PSI, 2.8 GPM, 4-in-1 PowerDial, Gas Powered Pressure Washer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
  • Generac 212cc OHV engine rated largest, most powerful engine in its class
  • PowerDial Variable-Pressure Control -Easily adjust the intensity of the spray to clean a wide range of surfaces with a single, easy-to-use control
  • Consolidated Control Panel – All controls are efficiently located in a single location
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Considering that this model packs a punch thanks to the insane 3,100 PSI at 2.8GPM that the motor produces. I was able to tackle the toughest, greasiest, and most stubborn stains.

The 4-mode PowerDial allowed me to lower the power down to 2,000 PSI, meaning I could tackle those sensitive surfaces, though even at 2,000 PSI, this mode still packs a serious punch, so pair this with the right pressure washer tip.

If you are unsure which to use, I suggest checking the 6602’s user manual.

You can clean anything from wood, glass, metal, stone, marble, plastics, and concrete. All of those surfaces are fair game to this power washer.

Moss, grime, grease, oil, rust, old soap stains, and even the seasonal dirt like mold and leaves are no match for the power of this Generac model.

This is a heavy-duty pressure washer that is capable of exerting an immense amount of power.

Pair this with a pressure washer sand blast kit and nothing, paint, rust, nothing will stand in your way.


  • The PowerDial was a fantastic excellent performance enhancer, as you don’t always need 3,100 PSI to take a stain.
  • The folding handle was great for storing
  • Huge cleaning power number
  • I loved washing my car with this unit, and it made seasonal chores around the backyard a breeze


  • This is a heavy machine, and even on the 2 big wheels it takes a bit of a pull to move it around
  • While the lowest setting is 2000 PSI, that still required caution when working with extremely sensitive surfaces, such as patio furniture, which is made from softer woods and plastics.
Generac 6602 OneWash 3,100 PSI, 2.8 GPM, 4-in-1 PowerDial, Gas Powered Pressure Washer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

If you are cleaning sensitive surfaces, maintain a good distance away so that the pressure washers output is reduced, you can end the spray wand closer to get more pressure, if you see any signs of damage, back off a bit.

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Wrap Up

Everyone’s needs and wants are different, and we have different sized yards and different surfaces to clean.

However, this unit will give you the raw power you need to clean any surface or yard. It won’t betray you when the harder tasks are on the menu. It will punch those stains into oblivion.

A comforting fact for me is that Generac is very competitive in the engine and generator industry. As such, when they manufacture an engine, it’s durable and reliable, so you know your pressure washer is getting the best.

There you have it. Hopefully, I’ve provided all the essentials in this Generac 6602 onewash review so that you can come to an informed decision about buying one. I hope I’ve covered everything you need to know, but should you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below.