GreenWorks 1500 PSI Review

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If you weren’t aware Greenworks Tools were a company that formed back in the US in 2007 with the mission of pairing outdoor power tool equipment with lithium-ion battery technology.

And they’ve been quite successful, they’ve recently expanded their reach into the Asian, Middle-Eastern and European markets with their products.

So let’s have a look at this Greenworks 1500 psi reviews and test this model out. I’ll present you with an unbiased review of this 1500 psi pressure washer, seeing as it’s one of Greenwork’s best-selling units.

Given its low price and streamlined design, this is a very attractive choice for light cleaning jobs.

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Greenworks 1500 In The Field

One of the first things I noticed the design of this unit, it looks great, clearly, a portable pressure washer unit as it has no wheels and a large handle.

This is clearly a modern electric pressure washer!

This thing only weighs 15.75 pounds, which explains why it’s so light, it comes fully assembled in the box so no need to worry about spending an hour or two to put it together prior to use.

Due to its size storing this away shouldn’t be a problem, you could also drop this into a cupboard in your house it’s so compact.

The GreenWorks GW1501 is certified by the PWMA and has passed all their standardized tests.

This unit comes with two quick connect spray nozzle tips which are stored in the spray trigger handle, these nozzle tips are a 25-degree and a 40-degree.

You also get 20 feet of high-pressure hose extends your reach if needed. The composition of the add-ons are made of strong, durable and flexible materials.

There’s also a detergent bottle attached to the pressure washer which you can take off and attached to the spray wand, giving you a snow foam/detergent option, I think that being able to use a pressure washer soap with such a small pressure washer is great.

Additionally, a 3-year product warranty comes with the set. The 35-feet power cord has a ground fault circuit interrupter which makes it extremely safe to use with exterior outlets.

Warranty Policy

For the GW1502 Greenworks are giving you 3 years of warranty! that’s epic.

Otherwise for GW1500/GW1501 Greenworks gives a 1-year warranty, though I’m not sure if the accessories or attachments are covered or not.

Should you have any problems you must contact GreenWorks and take the unit to one of their approved service centers. Do be aware that I’ve heard of reports that there have been some issues with these service centers not having parts on hard or not being able to get the parts, so you should expect some delay in your repair.

What Can You Clean With Greenworks 1500?

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  • 1500 PSI/ 1.2 GPM blasts through dirt and grime to restore surfaces
  • Can be used horizontally or vertically for stability during use
  • 20-foot-high pressure hose and 35-foot power cord
  • 25° and 40° quick connect tip for different cleaning applications
  • Attachable detergent applicator for easy soap application


  • Prone to toppling over. Fortunately, it is designed to be used either horizontally or vertically to ensure stability.
  • There are only two spraying tips offered with the product. However, authentic GreenWorks nozzle tips are available for purchase.

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There isn’t much your can’t clean with this Greenworks 1500, yes it has a lower cleaning power than other models, but it’s designed for light cleaning jobs. I had no problems cleaning my car, bikes, patio, decking, fencing and garden furniture.

I even hooked this up to a wet sandblasting kit and prepared a surface for paint.

As I’ve mentioned a few times this is a light-duty machine, don’t expect the same results that you would get from a gas-powered pressure washer. Or even the results you would get from a typical residential electric pressure washer.

Wrap up

This Greenworks 1500 PSI was designed to be an incredibly compact and mobile cleaning unit it will handle all of your light cleaning jobs without breaking a sweat.

The accessories and quick-connect nozzles allow you to clean your home and yard from top to bottom. I had no problems cleaning my car, bikes, windows and all my patio furniture.

It’s low cost and compact design for me makes this a fairly attractive package.

If you are after something that’s lightweight and can handle all your light cleaning jobs, then this is probably the residential electric pressure washer for you. As this is a light-weight cleaning machine it’s not intended for prolonged use, if you do use it for cleaning your entire yard in one go, it is likely to overheat and suffer damage.

Hopefully, I’ve covered everything you need to know in this Greenworks 1500 psi review if I haven’t covered all your important questions in this unbiased review, then please ask any questions in the comments section below.

GreenWorks 1500 PSI Review