Greenworks 1600 PSI Review

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Greenworks tools were formed in the US back in 2007 with the idea of tackling the lithium-ion technology and outdoor power equipment. These tools were produced by their parent company Globe Tools Group. Since then, they’ve developed a range of tools and have expanded their reach into the Asian, Middle-Eastern and European markets with their products.

I’ve put together this unbiased Greenworks 1600 PSI reviews and will show why this 1600 PSI pressure washer is one of their best-selling units.

Given its low price and streamlined design, it’s a very attractive choice for all of your light cleaning jobs around the home.

I’ll also share my views on this machine, including the pros and cons and other valuable information.

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Greenworks 1600 In The Field

The first thing I noticed about the Greenworks 1600 was its design, this unit has some style!

It looks nothing like your typical pressure washer with their standard metal frame trolley, which has a welded motor and pump on it.

Instead, it looks like a modern electric pressure washer. Thanks to its versatile design, this unit will function vertically or horizontally.

Laying this thing down gives it much more stability during use.

This is a very lightweight model, it only weighs 17.5 pounds, I found it was effortless to carry around and move while I was working away in the yard.

The 1600 PSI is produced by a universal 13 amp electric motor. The motor get’s it’s power via a 35 foot-long power cord with a circuit protector attached for added safety.

It comes with an easy start feature, i.e., the power button, just switch it on or off.

The motor can produce 1600 pounds per square inch (PSI) at 1.2 gallons per minute (GPM) water flow rate. This means you get a cleaning power score of 1920, not too shabby.

You get a 20 foot-long high-pressure hose, which is non-marring. This is a high-pressure hose that’s very durable. You can drag it over rough surfaces and concrete without worrying that it’ll get damaged or even leave scuff marks on clean surfaces.

So what attachments do you get with the Greenworks 1600? It comes with a spray wand and 2 quick to attach nozzles and a detachable detergent tank.

The onboard storage allows you to keep all your accessories safe and secure on the unit itself, so no scrambling around to find bits when pulling it out of the garage or shed. Oh, and talking about storing the unit, this pressure washer features a folding handle, so this will become even more compact, taking up less space in your shed or garage.

The nozzle tips that you get ensure that you can handle a variety of cleaning jobs. You don’t need to use any additional tools to assemble the unit when you purchase it, it’s put together in minutes.

Warranty Policy

Greenworks has done a fantastic job of establishing a network of service centers for its customer’s convenience. Still, while these centers exist, they do have some problems.

There have been reports of these service centers not having the replacement parts on hard or not being able to backorder parts for their customers.

Not ideal, but you will get your problem resolved, so not in the timeframe you may have hoped for. Obviously, this may change at any time, so should you visit, it could be a seamless process.

Greenworks gives you a 1-year warranty on this model, I couldn’t work out if the attachments and accessories were covered or not. If there does happen to be a problem, you need to contact the company directly via phone or through their website, which also serves as their online store selling replacement parts.

The transportation cost of the unit or any of the accessories falls to you and not GreenWorks. I think that’s a bit rubbish, really.

What Can You Clean With Greenworks 1600?

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While the Greenworks 1600 may have a lower cleaning power than other pressure washer models, it easily handles light cleaning jobs, as well as other pressure washers in the same performance range.

I used it to clean my car, windows, wooden fence and decking, even my patio, I also gave a dirty sidewalk a go and my driveway, and it did well, don’t get me wrong this isn’t going to give you the performance of one of the best gas pressure washers.

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But this is a light-duty machine, so we shouldn’t expect it to.

That said, I attached it to my trusty pressure washer sand blast kit, and it had more than enough grunt to take the paint off of my wheelbarrow.

This may be a small unit, but it did its job well. It blasted away the dirt, algae, grime, and oil stains. This serves well as an all-purpose residential electric pressure washer.


  • This unit is compact and lightweight making it one of the most incredibly portable pressure washers
  • The variety of accessories you get means you can handle all your household cleaning jobs
  • The motor powering this doesn’t produce much noise at all this is a quiet pressure washer
  • Super quick assembly, tool-less assembly even.
  • A very budget-friendly price
  • And the user is well a quite comprehensive user manual


  • The brass connectors have been reported to fracture and break prematurely
  • You only get a years warranty
  • It can take a while to get replacement parts
  • You bare the cost of the delivery for any warranty claim! (WTF!)

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Wrap Up

This Greenworks 1600 electric pressure washer was designed to be a lightweight, and compact mobile cleaning unit meant for light cleaning jobs.

The included accessories are more than enough to clean around your home and yard.

I had no problem dealing with my typical weekly/monthly cleaning. Car’s, bikes, windows, patio furniture, and deck were no problem for this power washer.

Also, the design is rather appealing, even more so when you factor in the low cost… it becomes quite an attractive package.

If you are after something that will handle light cleaning jobs for residential needs, then this little unit is probably it. As a light-weight cleaning machine, this is not intended for prolonged use. If you do use it for a while, it can overheat the motor or pump, which will cause the unit to stop working.

If you need to tackle heavier stains, it will do it, but it’ll take a while.

Hopefully, I’ve covered everything you need to know in this Greenworks 1600 psi review, I’ve been unbiased, showing you the pros and the cons. Hopefully, I’ve answered all your critical questions, but if there are any, please ask them in the comments section below.