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We’re huge fans of pressure washing, so much so we’re following the subreddit call pressure washing porn… yeah, that’s a thing!

Nothing beats a well power washed driveway, or a car that gleaming after a good pressure wash.

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Top uses for your power/pressure washer

Both Pressure and power washers are very versatile machines that may surprise you in the number of jobs that they can tackle. Here is a list of jobs that your pressure washer can make easy work of.

1. Fencing

To keep the garden looking in tip top shape we try to pressure wash the fence once a year.

You’ll be surprised by the difference it makes, seriously if you haven’t done it, do it now, it makes a massive difference and it’s such a simple job.

2. Garage Door & Sides

Just like with the fencing and the siding below, you can keep your garage door spotless with your pressure washer.

My garage door comes under attack from birds often and a quick blast from my trusty pressure washer and the garage door looks spotless again.

If the dirt is engrained, then you can use the special house and siding soap mentioned below, in the past i’ve had to do this and even the dirtiest of garage doors come up like new.

3. Outdoor Grill

Through use your grill will get all grimy and gross, even with regular cleaning between uses, so every fall I give my outdoor grill a good bath with my pressure washer so that it’s ready for use in the spring.

4. Exterior Siding or Brick

Just like fencing, you can use your pressure washer to clean the exterior of your home, I suggest once a year but you could do it every other year if you’re busy.

Some pressure washers come with a soap dispenser and we suggest that if you are going to tackle your home and it’s siding that you grab a special house and siding soap, these pressure washers that come with soap dispensers have a reservoir which you poor this soap into.

Then you simply set the correct setting on your nozzle and your soapy water solution will come blasting out. Perfect for keeping your home looking top notch

5. Knocking Down Spider Webs And Wasp Nests

A job you may not have thought for your pressure washer is getting rid of those unwanted spider webs and wasp nests.

I spray the wasp nests with wasp spray before I attempt to remove them with the pressure washer, to do otherwise would anger them and you don’t want angry wasps flying at your face.

Once you’ve sprayed the wasp nests with the wasp spray, just bust out your pressure washer and have at it. Same with your spider webs, no need for the wasp spray this time.

6. Driveway

When it comes to your drive way it really is a surprise how much grime builds up even after a single season.

I make sure to give my driveway a quick blast regularly, though you can get an attachment for your pressure washer which will help scrub your driveway for that really built in dirt, that said if you have a high pressure washer… no attachment needed!

Seriously it’s worth putting the effort in to clean your driveway, mine always looks ten times better after i’ve power washed it.

7. Patios and Decks

Just like your drive way, grime will build up on your patio and decks, giving those areas a once over with your pressure washer will transform them, it is very much a night and day transformation.

8. Front Entrance Stairs and Walkways

Everyone wants their home looking its best and curb appeal really matters, more so when you’re selling your home, but personally I like to keep my home looking it’s best at all times.

You can use your pressure washer to blast away the grime that builds up throughout the year on your walkways and entrance steps, this small job will drastically improve your curb appeal, after I’ve done this, instantly the house looks ten times better and it’s such a quick job, 10 minutes and i’m done it’s almost effortless as well.

9. Outdoor Furniture

The same goes with it comes to your outdoor furniture, they get build up stuck to them so it’s worth pressure washing them in spring.

If you’re doing your patio etc you might as well do your outdoor furniture while your at it.

10. Car, Motorcycle, Boat, Van, Truck

I have to be honest, I really enjoy cleaning my car, during the summer months I’ll give it a clean once a week and my pressure washer is vital in this process, from rinsing the car, to snow foaming and then all the other rinse stages.

My power washer ensures that by the time I touch the car, the majority of the dirt and grim has been lifted away, so when my lambs wool mitt comes into contact with the paint work the potential scratches from dirt has been drastically minimized.

Do note though you want to turn your pressure washer down. You don’t want to pressure washer your car on it’s highest setting as you can blast the paint off your car.

Don’t forget to clean you engine bay as well! Just make sure not to spray water into your electrics and that all caps are on securly, modern cars have the electrics very well insulated so you should be ok.

You can buy special solutions to use in your pressure washer that’s been formulated specifically to wash cars, just like with the house and siding solution you just put this into your soap reservior, for pressure washers that don’t have this feature you can get a “snow foam cannon” which achieves the same result.

11. Lawn Mower

Just like your car, your lawn mower needs some love as well, I spray mine down regularly.

I also take the time to give the lawn mower a good spray on it’s underside, this really makes a big difference to your lawn mowers efficiency as you remove all the built up grass and leaves that will get stuck into random crevice.

I make sure to do this after each mow, but if i’ve a lot of jobs on i can tend to forget, but I make sure to give it a good thorough clean in winter before the mower goes into storage, so it’s good to go when spring comes around.

12. Lawn Equipment

Just like with the lawn mower, I also use my pressure washer to clean off all the other lawn equipment, they’re used every time I mow the lawn, and they need care too or they’ll stop working well due to build up, and if i’m cleaning the mower, i’m cleaning all the equipment.

13. Trash Can

We all know how dirty and smell your trash can can get, even more so in those summer months, let’s be honest, flowers wilt at the stench.

So a once over from the pressure washer with some soap and your trash can is clean and smelling ten times better.

14. Friends

No don’t go spraying your friends with your pressure washer! But by owning a pressure washer i’ve found that friends, family and neighbours ask to use it from time to time.

I always agree because you know, i’m nice. As a thank you I tend to get gifts, a free dinner here and there, gift cards, beer and wine or other goodies.

I’ve found that my pressure washer has paid for itself many times over thanks to this and the time it saves me.

Our recommendation for the best pressure washer for most people’s home use needs

It’s difficult to recommend a pressure washer, this site has many articles offering various opinions such as what’s the best gas pressure washer? The best 2700 psi pressure washer, the best electric pressure washer, the best high pressure washer, etc.

There are many different pressure washers and all have their pros and cons, I know because I own several, as i’ve purchased and tested pressure washers I kept various best in their class ones, I don’t always need a gas powered pressure washer, in those situations I grab my trusty electric one.

Please read the reviews above, I have no doubt you’ll find the perfect pressure washer for you, but for those of you that want to know my personal favorite, the one pressure washer which will tackle every job very well, then I would have to say go for the Simpson Megashot, we’ve reviewed it here as our top choice.

I personally think that this is the perfect power washer for home use, here’s why:

  • It’s completely portable, you have no need for an electric cord.
  • Power.. it has enough power for every job around the home, coming in at 3,100 PSI and 2.5 GPM.
  • It has a Honda engine which are the best.
  • Easy access to the hose hookups at the back of the unit
  • Fantastic sturdy steel carriage frame which has space for all the nozzles, the spray gun and even storage for the pressure hose
  • To top off, it’s an incredibly affordable price for what you get, you’re not paying just for a brand name here like you would with some other makes of pressure washer.

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