Sun Joe Pressure Washer Reviews – Buying Guide

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Homeowners all share one common thing, work. Properties require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Surfaces like marble, granite, brick, or wood tend to change over time. Sometimes it’s just dirt, other times its mold, other times it’s just the case of time…

This maintenance takes time, a lot of time, thankfully with power tools such as  Sun Joe pressure washer, the amount of time we spend on that maintenance is drastically reduced.

In a hurry? Then I recommend the Sun Joe SPX3000 it’s the best all-rounder and can handle water that isn’t cold!

Sun Joe is famous as a manufacturer of pressure washers, specifically those designed for residential purposes.

Below I’ve put together a few unbiased Sun Joe pressure washer reviews, covering their three best selling models. I’ll analyze each of them, testing them in the field to give you a look at the situations in which they excel and where their shortcomings are.

Hopefully, aiding you in buying the best Sun Joe Pressure washer for your needs.

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric High Pressure Washer, Cleans Cars/Fences/Patios, 15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9

Sun Joe SPX3000

  • Weight: 31 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9 inches
  • Pressure: 2030 psi
  • GPM: 1.76 gallons
  • Cleaning Power: 3572
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Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel, Green

Sun Joe SPX3001

  • Weight: 32 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.4 x 16.5 x 33.5 inches
  • Pressure: 2030 psi
  • GPM: 1.76 gallons
  • Cleaning Power: 3572
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Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 PSI 1.45 GPM 11.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer, Green

Sun Joe SPX1000

  • Weight: 11.7 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.6 x 13.5 x 34 inches
  • Pressure: 1450 psi
  • GPM: 1.45 gallons
  • Cleaning Power: 2100
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Best Sun Joe Pressure Washer Reviews

On Sale - 30% off Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric High Pressure Washer, Cleans Cars/Fences/Patios, 15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9
  • Questions, Text 563563 to chat directly with a Sun Joe expert
  • POWERFUL: 14.5-Amp/1800-watt motor generates up to 2030 PSI (at initial discharge per CSA internal pressure testing) and 1.76 GPM (with nozzle open at minimum pressure) of water flow
  • VERSATILE: Tackle a variety of cleaning tasks: homes, buildings, RV’s, cars, trucks, boats, decks, driveways, patios, lawn equipment, and more. With two 0.9 L onboard detergent tanks, removable tanks carry and store different types of detergent to simultaneously tackle different cleaning projects.

The first model I’m reviewing is one of Sun Joe’s best sellers and for a good reason.

The sun joe 3000 weighs a little over 30 pounds and is incredibly versatile and portable. It’s an electric pressure washer powered by a 14.5amp motor, this motor produces up to 2030 PSI at 1.76 GPM, giving this pressure was an overall cleaning power of 3573.

What really separates this sunjoe water pressure washer from others is that this pressure washer doesn’t need to be run solely on cold water, you can run this pressure washer with water up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, so while that’s not drastically hot, it will aim in the removal of oil and grease stains. This is a rather unique feature for a residential electric pressure washer.

Even some industrial cleaners only use cold water, I think this is a very unique and rather impressive addition.

You get 5 quick connect spray nozzles 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, and the one for the soap. You can put your soap and other cleaning agents into 2 separate 30-ounces tanks that sit on top of this unit.

This pressure washer is equipped with Sun Joes Total Stop System (TSS) that automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger isn’t engaged, this prolongs the pumps life and reduces the amount of electricity that you use.

The body of this unit is mounted to two large wheels to make moving this around a cinch. If you are looking for a manual, then you can find the sunjoe spx3000 manual here.

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On Sale - 19% off Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel, Green
  • Questions, Text 563563 to chat directly with a Sun Joe expert
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: Powerful 14. 5-amp/1800-Watt motor generates up to 2030 PSI/1. 76 GPM for maximum cleaning power
  • ONBOARD REEL: Onboard reel keeps 20 ft. (6m) high pressure hose organized for quick and easy clean-up and storage

Now we have the younger brother of the previous pressure washer, like the SPX3000 it produces a very similar power output, well by similar I mean exactly the same.

It s powered by a 14.5amp electric motor that generates 2030 PSI at 1.76 GPM, providing the same cleaning power as the SPX3000, and that’s a cleaning power of 3573.

You get 5 quick-connect spray nozzle tips (0, 15, 25, 40 degrees, and a soap dispenser). This unit also comes with Sun Joes TSS  (Total Stop System) safety and efficiency system.

Though unlike the SPX3000, this unit will only operate with cold water and houses a single 40.6-fluid ounce detergent tank.

You get a 20 foot-long high-pressure hose.

Another feature that’s separates this from the SPX3000 is the built-in hose reel. The reel is there to help your life and cleaning easier, with its highly ergonomic design, it’s been explicitly designed to make storing this unit easier.

This model is designed to be a bit sleeker and weighs a pound more than the previous model.

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On Sale - 19% off Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 PSI 1.45 GPM 11.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer, Green
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for light to medium duty cleaning jobs including auto, deck, concrete, pavers, dock, boat, cabin, porch, patio, windows, siding, driveway and more!
  • ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE: Adjustable spray wand with twist nozzle easily controls water pressure to handle the task at hand
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: Powerful 11. 5-amp motor generates 1450 PSI of maximum water pressure and a maximum flow rate of 1. 45 GPM

Finally we have this mid-range unit, it’s been designed to be lighter and to deal with less complicated cleaning jobs.

The SPX1000 products 1140 PSI at 1.45 GPM from it’s 11.5 Amp electric motor. It’s also the lightest on this list weighing just 11.7 pounds. It has a cleaning power of 2102.

This is an easily transported portable compact model, It has a handle to aid in moving this unit about and with it’s 35 foot-long hose it’ll reach any corner of your yard.

It doesn’t come with quick-connect nozzles. Instead, it has an adjustable spray wand with a twist nozzle that allows you to quickly and easily change the spray pattern.

This pressure washer will only handle cold water.

Sun Joe promote this pressure washer for light to medium duty cleaning jobs, and I agree, it’ll easily tackle your day to day jobs around the home/yard, I think it’s an efficient and ergonomic car washer.

If you don’t feel like carrying it around, it comes with 2 plastic wheels to allow you to wheel it around.

With it’s size to power ratio, this unit packs quite a punch. But it won’t handle those tough dried-in stains.

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About Sun Joe

Sun Joe was mainly focused on winter maintenance power tools, though they’ve easily conquered the pressure washer market.

Sun Joe was founded in 2004, and as a company, it gives off a modern vibe with its witty advertising and well even it’s motto “Go with Joe, Snow or Sun, smart tools that get the job done!”.

Don’t let their approach fool you, this company manufactures and specialized in the developing of innovative outdoor tools. Sun Joe is split into two groups.

Sun joe for their spring and summer tools

Snow joe for the autumn and winter tools

Thanks to Sun Joe, work around the house, and general maintenance has never been easier or affordable. They’ve built a brand that stretches the world over, it’s a stable business that just keeps expanding.

Investing in Innovation

Sun Joe is continuously delivering new products and innovations in all price ranges. They participate in patent design competitions, proving that a competitive spirit is a valuable asset in today’s markets.

They’ve even managed to win the Amazon Gold aware for the most innovated product in 2017.

That’s doesn’t mean that this company is out of touch with its customer base. It’s designed well-developed social media channels, making sure that they are in direct contact with their power tool users, which isn’t common in the power tool industry. That brings me to the next section which is very important to consider when buying a pressure washer.

Customer Relations and Warranty

Sun Joe offers a 2-year, no questions asked warranty which they are incredibly proud of. You can also quickly get a hold of spare parts for any of their products. They also offer access to your sun joe power washer manual from their website.

Getting in touch with their customer services is simple and something that Sun/Snow joe wants. This company is invested in getting all the feedback they possibly can and are publicly open about that. They promise to have every tool you could need for outdoor activities.

Going Green and Environmentally Friendly

All the Sun Joe products mentioned above are powered by electricity, which is why they produce such amazing electric power washers. Which isn’t no coincidence. This company is actively trying to stand toe to toe with its rival manufacturers who create gas-powered power tools and garden equipment.

Sun Joe is incredibly competitive in the power tools field, going in with their eco-friendly solutions, which is a challenge which this company has been successful with since it’s founding.

They deliver on their promise of  “rivaling the performance of gas-guzzling counterparts without all the fuel, fumes or fuss”, as it is emphasized on their website.

Sun Joe Pressure Washers

These pressure washers are some of the most successful pressure washers on the market, they aren’t the most powerful units out there, but that’s thanks to their ‘no gasoline’ stance. But Sun Joe pressure washers focus more on light, ergonomic and clean solutions.

While these pressure washers won’t create an abnormal amount of power, they are quiet, low maintenance, and there will be no gasoline smell in your yard.

Electric models from Sun Joe are great for all residential cleaning purposes like deck maintenance, washing your car, cleaning patios and garden furniture, window washing, and similar light to medium-duty jobs.

Sun Joe Pressure Washer Comparison Chart

Sun Joe SPX300031 15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9 2030 1.76 3572
Sun Joe SPX300132 14.4 x 16.5 x 33.5 2030 1.76 3572
Sun Joe SPX100011.7 15.6 x 13.5 x 34 1450 1.45 2100

Wrap Up

This is a brand that, to me, feels modern, it’s up-to-date with consumer needs. They focus on the greener solution, yes, the power output will be lower. But for your typical residential use, then a Sun Joe pressure washer is for you.

I’ve included all the specifications about these products in my Sun Joe pressure washer reviews. With this information, you should easily be able to make a decision over which unit to purchase.

Personally, I highly recommend the Sun Joe SPX3000, it’s the best all-rounder in my opinion.

If you are looking for a lightweight, non-gasoline powered pressure washer that’s environmentally friendly, then any Sun Joe pressure washer is ideal for you.

Sun Joe’s warranty is amazing so you don’t have to worry about any problems as they will be rectified.

Sun Joe also create their own line of detergents to help reduce the amount of time required to complete your cleaning tasks.

To quote the Sun Joe company: you name it, you aim it, grime is gone.

Any questions, please ask them in the comments below.

Sun Joe Pressure Washer Reviews – Buying Guide

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