Wood screws vs deck screws – What’s the difference

Wood screws vs deck screws - What's the difference

If you are a professional tradesman or just doing some DIY, it is important to know the difference between wood screws vs deck screws. Your local hardware store will stock a wide variety of screw types; if you can’t find them there, you’ll find them online; want help choosing? Check out our best wood screws article. … Read more

Huepar LR-6RG vs LR 5RG: which is the best choice for you?

Huepar Lr 6rg Vs Lr 5rg

It doesn’t matter if you are doing extensive landscaping works, doing small-scale surveying in your own back yard, or working with a large team building a road or even a railway. A laser detector is an essential tool, not just for long-distance work, but also for outdoor work, where sunlight can make seeing the beam … Read more

Huepar 901CG VERSUS 902CG – Which one should you get?

Huepar 901cg Versus 902cg Which One Should You Get

For such small units, these are rather incredible. The 902CG and the 901CG are leading laser leveling products produced by Huepar. Both share a wide range of features, but there are some very crucial differences between them. Which of these two you choose will come down to the type of job you need to complete. … Read more

Loctite vs Permatex – Thread Sealant & Threadlocker Comparison

Loctite Vs Permatex

[toc] If you didn’t know, Loctite and Permatex are two of the biggest brands in the adhesive market. Loctite is more popular of the two. That isn’t a surprise Loctite has a wider range of products available. Though in the last year or two, I’ve seen Permatex being recommended over Loctite. So which is the … Read more

Induction vs Universal Motor Pressure Washer: Which is Better?

Induction vs Universal Motor Pressure Washer Which is Better

When buying a gas pressure washer, we are often faced with one simple question: which is better, induction vs universal motor pressure washer? With all the different features they offer and the functionalities that they have, it comes as no surprise that a lot of us have a hard time deciding which type of pressure … Read more