10 Best Laser Measuring Tools – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Laser Measuring Tools Laser Measure

[toc] Dragging a tape measure across a room for a “close enough” measurement is a thing of the past. The best laser measuring tools are incredibly accurate, usually to 1/16″ and give you an instant measurement with a simple touch of a button. Now don’t confuse these with a laser level, which produces a reference … Read more

6 Best Rotary Laser Levels (Reviews and Guide)

Best Rotary Laser Levels

[toc] If your project requires accuracy and precision, then there is no beating a rotary laser level. From the smaller DIY projects all the way to the massive construction projects, this tool can be depended upon for the precision and accuracy that many jobs just can’t do without. If precision is what you want, then … Read more

Best outdoor laser levels – (Reviews & Guide)

Best outdoor laser levels

[toc] Laser levels can make working outdoors much easier. Though when you purchase any new tool, there’s always a risk, we all hate to be the person who shows up with that new shiny piece of technology only to discover that it doesn’t measure up to the promises made by the manufacturer. It’s also incredibly … Read more

Best Laser Levels For Electricians (Reviews & Guide)

Best Laser Level For Electricians

[toc] The other day I was chatting to my local sparky, his apprentice had asked him what was the best laser level for electricians, a cracking question, so I decided to share the answer me and my sparky came up with. So if you are an electrician who’s looking for a new laser level perhaps … Read more

16 Best Green Laser Levels – Guide & Reviews

Best Green Laser Levels

[toc] Green laser levels are fantastic tools, which work well on large construction jobs and even around your home when ticking off items on your do it yourself list. The name of the game here is accuracy, and the best green laser levels have that in spades. This is a precision tool, and if you … Read more

14 Best Laser Levels – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Best Laser levels

[toc] Using a top-notch laser level could mean the difference between excellent construction work or a sloppy end product. The most accurate laser level would be the obvious choice if you are after dead center, dead level construction accuracy. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best laser level, depending on your building needs, you might … Read more

Best Laser Levels for Tilers: Culling Out the Best from The Rest!

Best Laser Levels for Tilers

Tiling is one of the most exacting tasks around. It requires both accuracy as well as a certain level of perfection to get all the different angles just right. So you need to make sure you are using the best laser levels for tilers, otherwise your results make not cut the mustard. In a hurry? … Read more