Huepar 901CG VERSUS 902CG – Which one should you get?

Huepar 901cg Versus 902cg Which One Should You Get

For such small units, these are rather incredible. The 902CG and the 901CG are leading laser leveling products produced by Huepar. Both share a wide range of features, but there are some very crucial differences between them. Which of these two you choose will come down to the type of job you need to complete. … Read more

How to Clean Carburetor on Pressure Washer?

How to Clean Carburetor on Pressure Washer

[toc] The carburetor is one of the most important parts that exist on your gas pressure washer. This is a part that needs a bit of love from time to time because when it’s left alone, well, a carburetor can get clogged, and the end result is that your pressure washer will just stop working. … Read more

Quiet Pressure Washers – Reviews & Unbiased Guide

Quiet Pressure Washers Featured

[toc] At the end of the day, there is a very simple version as to why most people tend to prefer quiet pressure washers. It’s the noise they generate, whether you’ve been on the receiving end as your neighbors wash their cars LOUDLY on a Saturday morning. Or perhaps you’ve just had enough of the … Read more

Can You Pressure Wash a Roof?

Can You Pressure Wash a Roof

[toc] Your roof takes a battering, it’s predisposed to getting dirty, and those once shiny new roof tiles end up losing their shine. Ultimately they scream at you that they need a deep clean. Even more, when moss, algae, and mildew build-up. You’ve used your pressure washer to clean your house siding, garden furniture, car, … Read more

Can You Pressure Wash a Rug?

Cleaning The Carpet With A Gun For Washing High Pressure Water. House Cleaning. Can You Pressure Wash a Rug

[toc] Got an old tired looking rug that you are considering throwing away? As time goes on, your rug will start to look faded, lacking in color, this may not be because the rug is old; instead, it may be because of the amount of dirt that has accumulated inside of the rub fibers, making … Read more

Bosch Laser Measure Reviews & Guide

Bosch Laser Measure Reviews

[toc] If you are after a portable distance meter, which offers accurate and fast distance measuring, that will increase not only your work efficiency but also improve the quality of your work. Then you need a laser tape measure and not just any laser tape measure, but the best bosch laser measure. Bosch is a … Read more

Best outdoor laser measure (Reviews & Guide)

Best Outdoor Laser Measure

[toc] Having the ability to measure accurately and precisely over a long distance is fundamental to many professions. For those involved in construction, this is especially true. Engineers and architects who are involved in the planning and development stages of construction, to the contractors and builders who actually execute the plans and refine them, understanding … Read more

Best Foam Cannon Soaps – (Reviews & Guide 2020)

Best Foam Cannon Soaps

[toc] I don’t know about you, but for me, pressure washers have truly made cleaning so much easier. However, I found that I was still needed to put in a fair amount of elbow grease when I didn’t have a really good source of suds to tackle the dirt and lift it to the surface. … Read more

8 Best Foam Cannons – (Reviews & Unbiased Guide)

Best Foam Cannons – (reviews & Unbiased Guide)

[toc] Pressure washer are fantastic tools, and what you can do with them is potentially limitless once you get to the upgrades and learn how to use all of the different features. One of those features or rather upgrades is a foam cannon, and I’m going to show you the power of foam cannons. If … Read more

Best Laser Level Tripods (Reviews & Guide)

Best Laser Level Tripods Reviews

[toc] Tripods are an essential tool for the majority of people in the construction and surveying industry. It’s just not possible to get the level of accuracy you are looking for from your laser levels without one. Mounting your laser level to a tripod ensures that you’ll get better readings and guiding, especially when working … Read more