What Is the Difference Between Red and Green Laser Levels?

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Online shopping is very convenient, and for the most part, you’re offered a lot more choice than you would be in-store.

As much as it is convenient, this can make the entire process a little overwhelming, too.

Sometimes, there are just so many options to choose from that it’s hard to pick only one.

It’s worth doing a bit of research first to make sure you’re getting the right piece of equipment at the best price.

For example, when shopping for laser levels, one common question that arises is this: What is the difference between red and green laser levels?

In a battle between green laser vs red laser level, which will come out the better choice?

What Is the Difference Between Red and Green Laser Levels?

Once you have established what type of laser level you need, you still have to work out whether you want a green vs red laser level.

Let’s take a look at the differences between them and the different situations in which one may be better over the other.

Green Laser vs Red Laser Level

Aside from the most obvious difference between them (the color), let’s look at what each one has to offer.

We looked at the laser’s price, visibility, range, and battery life.

1. Price

Already started looking at laser levels to invest in?

The first thing you probably check is the price difference.

On average, green laser levels are roughly 25% more expensive than their red counterparts.

Why Is a Green Laser More Expensive Than a Red?

The reason behind this is that lasers work using diodes, with green diodes in green lasers and red diodes in red lasers.

Red diodes are simpler to make, more readily available, and therefore that much cheaper than green diodes.

So, if you’re on a budget, then the red laser level may suit you best.


2. Visibility

When it comes to brightness and visibility, the green laser wins hands down.

Wavelengths of visible light range from 400nm to 700nm, with violet sitting at the lower end (380 to 435nm) and red having the longest wavelengths (625 to 740nm).

The color green lies right in the middle of the spectrum at 532 nanometers, which means green is the easiest color for our eyes to see.


what is the difference between red and green laser levels

3. Range

This is especially true when it comes to seeing the laser over greater distances.

If you’re usually working indoors, then a red laser could work out for you, depending on the range you need.

A red laser level typically has an indoor range of around 20 to 30 feet, while a green laser has a range of about 50 to 60 feet.

Still, a green laser has a much greater range than a red laser when it comes to outdoors and distances of 60 feet and over.

Hence, the green laser will always come out on top.

A Note on Laser Detectors

Now, if you purchase a laser detector, you won’t need to rely on your own visibility so much.

Quite often, you’ll be able to buy a red laser level plus a laser detector for cheaper than you will a green laser level.


4. Battery

We’ve already mentioned that the green lasers have more power and are much more visible, but this means it comes with a hefty price.

That price is the drain on the battery life that green lasers have.

Green laser levels will use up their batteries much more quickly than their red counterparts, which is definitely a consideration you need to make.

This is especially important if you’re out and about working, unable to recharge whenever you need to.

First, you have to consider charging the battery more often.

Second, you’ll have to think of the fact that at low battery life, the green lasers will not be as strong.


Green vs Red Laser Level: The Results

  • Winner of Price – Red
  • Winner of Visibility – Green
  • Winner of Range – Tie
  • Winner of Battery – Red

What Is the Advantage of a Green Laser Over a Red Laser?

The red laser won more test categories than the green.

Still, green lasers continue to be hugely popular, especially in the construction industry.

The reason for this is the green laser’s better visibility in the sunlight and over greater distances.

In fact, you can even do without a laser detector.

If you work outdoors and over greater distances fairly often, you should definitely opt for a green laser level.

Which Is Better Red or Green Laser Level?

When answering what is the difference between red and green laser levels, we found that it is far from just the color.

Red laser levels are more affordable and have longer battery lives.

However, if you work outdoors, you should invest in a green laser level without question.

A green laser level will offer you much better visibility with a crisper, more defined line over much greater distances.

Just make sure you charge the battery before setting out; better still, bring a spare!

Rather than asking which one is better, you should ask yourself which one meets your needs more?